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Rittenhouse Square - 1 meal

  • tuxedo Mar 16, 2010 07:41 AM
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Where should it be on a Saturday? Open to all ideas!

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  1. Dinner or lunch?

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    1. re: barryg

      late lunch-early dinner

    2. Assuming we're talking about dinner, I'd recommend Meritage.

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      1. re: Buckethead

        We loved Meritage.

        Also loved Fish, at 17th and Lombard. Only fish and seafood.

        Both outstanding places - casual, comfortable, creative.

        1. re: sylviag

          Second Fish. Have not yet been to the new Meritage but heard good things.

      2. Matsyon, if you can get a reservation.

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        1. re: jaba

          I second Matyson

        2. Matyson or Melograno, for a BYOB experience. I don't think Melograno takes reservations but if you can show up right at opening time you'll get a table no problem. Outstanding Italian, not your standard red-gravy fare by a long shot.

          Also second the rec for Meritage. Excellent place with great small & large plates, good drinks & wine list.

          For a splurge, might want to check out Lacroix as well. Have only been for the amazing brunch, but have to imagine the rest of the menu is outstanding as well.