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Mar 16, 2010 07:24 AM

Andy's Diner, Conshohocken

In the already restaurant saturated Plymouth Meeting, there finally appeared Andy's Diner in place of the recently bombed H.I. Ribs and the previously failed Lone Star. With everybody buzzing about Andy's, I had to experience it for myself. This is one large, snazzy diner with a HUGE menu. My samplings have included: 1) crabmeat stuffed mushrooms: real lump crabmeat. Very tasty and reasonably priced. Grilled chicken pannini with fresh spinach, feta cheese, thick slice of FRESH (and tasty) tomato and roasted delicious. And 3) perfectly cooked, medium-rare, seared burger with thick slice of of the best I've ever had. Service was efficient. Noise level was high, as one would expect for such a densely populated casual crowd. Andy's seems to be always crowded, so I suggest going a bit earlier or later than rush hour. And, traffic on Ridge Pike in Conshohocken is a entering and exiting Andy's warrants extreme caution.

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  1. As a post script to my earlier posting, Andy's lies on Ridge Avenue just off Chemical Road on the Plymouth Meeting/Conshohocken line. Some will claim it's in Plymouth Meeting. Others claim it's in Conshohocken. Wanna beat a burger at Andy's over it !

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      Thanks for the review -- do you know if they have a menu online? What are we talking price wise? And do they serve breakfast all day?

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        the menu is on, they give them $$$ for price. (can't find what that means at the moment)
        their other resto, blue bell diner, serves bfast all day, i imagine Andy's will too. It will be disappointing if they don't!

        that menu is HUGE... one thing I noticed is that there are no soups listed on it. which i find strange for a diner.

        Dh and I will have to go soon to try them out. I think our favorite waitress from blue bell diner is now at Andy's. :)

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          I judge the prices at Andy's Diner to be typical for a diner, something equalling $$ or a little higher. For instance, the excellent crab cake appetizer (3 moist, excellent mini-crabcakes made with lump crabmeat and little filler) is $7.95. My massive, very satisfying Greek salad was $7.95, as I recall. Blue Moon was $4 for a large mug while down the street it costs $5.50. I think my large slab of mascarpone/phyllo torte cost $3.50. The menu features a wide range in price.

          Blue Moon
          114 S Broadway, South Amboy, NJ 08879

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            Ah, yes, Andy's serves breakfast ALL DAY. My initial visit to Andy's was at 2:15 on a weekday afternoon, perfect timing to miss the crowd. Folks in the next booth were eating breakfast....and it surely looked good. BTW, the place does serve soup although my dining partner commented that it could have been hotter. She had chicken noodle soup which she judged to be exceptional.

        2. My husband and I went for brunch today. We were able to sit outside which was wonderful. When we went in to be seated we overheard some people complaining that they had been waiting over half an hour for their food. But we didn't have that problem. Our waiter came over right away and took our drink order, I had to wait a few minutes for my coffee but it was pretty decent coffee. Typical diner coffee, not too strong but ok. I ordered the eggs benedict with regular bacon and my husband ordered scrambled eggs and bacon which came with toast and hash browns. Everything was very tasty. The bacon was a bit greasy and didn't taste very...well, bacon-y, but the rye toast was very fresh and hot and good. Both our eggs were cooked very well. Our waiter came back a few times to ask how we were doing and refill my coffee. Even a manager (or owner?) walked over and chatted with us. The bill came to about $18. We will definitely be back to try out lunch and dinner.

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            Based on all the feedback, we decided to have dinner there last night. We were pleasantly surprised and it was better than expected. We had high hopes given the reviews.

            My husband ordered the liver & onions. They were ok but nothing special. I had the french onion soup, which I have to say is the best I've had in a long while. I also had a gyro that was very good, along with a salad.

            Overall, we had a very positive experience and look forward to our next visit. The only negative was that the waitress didn't check on us often enough which was a problem when refills or napkins were needed or if we wanted to order something else. We were willing to overlook this because the waitress was very friendly, pleasant, and welcoming. I don't think this was unique to this waitress because I noticed that other waitresses were not checking their tables regularly.

            They had the normal display of desserts, similar to Olga's Diner in Cherry Hill. The looked wonderful. They also had a separate bar area and a salad bar area.

            Let's hope that can keep things running well since the area really needs a diner like this. We drove from Mt. Airy. Can you tell we're not fans of the Trolley Car Diiner?

            Wishing them luck!

            Olga's Diner
            100 W Route 70, Marlton, NJ 08053

          2. We have been back twice since my last post, for a lunch a few days ago and dinner tonight. For lunch we had burgers wich were super think and very tasty. I think they burgers are 10oz and the meat was very lean. They were served on Kaiser rolls, and while I prefer regular burger rolls they size and thickness of the burger really needed a more substantial roll like the Kaiser. The fries came very hot and were very good. The service was pretty good, the waitress came over a few times and gave us extra napkins and the manager came around to ask how everyting was. Tonight we went for an early dinner, my husband got the open faced turkey sandwich with mashed potatos and green beans. He also was going to order just a cup of matzoh ball soup but the waitress said for around the same price he could get the salad bar with a soup station and bread! It was a great deal! The soup was great, the chicken and matzoh balls were very tender, the challah was also very fresh and had just the right amount of sweetness and the salad bar had a great variety. The salad, bread and soup bar comes free with standard entrees. Somehow my husband still had room to eat most of his turkey sandwich, he enjoyed it very much. I ordered the turkey Ruben and it was very tasty, the turkey was just like my husband's, not processed meat but carved off the bird! The service was good, the waitress came by a few times and once again the manager stoped by to ask how everything was, a very nice touch. As we went to pay they were giving out free danish! Oh, we will be back again and again and again!

            1. We went to Andy's last night for the first time. It.was.packed! We had to wait a few minutes to get a table. Not bad, maybe 5 minute wait.... I couldn't believe the energy of the place! it was a little too cool to wait in the foyer, we felt very much in the way waiting near the hostess stand. oh well! :)
              I had a cup of matzo ball soup, very yummy, then breakfast, poached eggs, ham, homefries and toast. They're exactly the same as at Blue Bell Diner. I'd like to see them step up the home fries... maybe add onions, spices. something.
              DH had the chicken kabob, which came on rice, with the soup and salad bar. He had the chicken and orzo soup, also very good. The salad bar has a nice variety of veggies, but I think they should be cut smaller. The pieces of cuke and pepper he got were HUGE. I noticed they had whole radishes also. His chicken was very tasty and a very large portion. He brought 1/2 of it home.
              my only complaints - my ham was not tasty... the waiter assured me that they'd cut it that morning and it was fresh, but something tasted off. They sent out a new piece, but of course I was done by then so I brought it home. I also do not care for the waiter we had. I've had him in the past at BBD, and do not find him very timely or attentive.
              Other than those two minor things, we had a good experience. We will go back on a week night, when our favorite waitress from BBD is working. I am looking forward to trying several things I saw on the menu, it is quite extensive!

              1. So I finally decided to try this after a long long wait, but was very impressed with the layout and the redesign. The bar still seems a little out of place, but in the dining areas, you forget it's there. I turned down the breakfast buffet ($10.95 on Saturday and Sunday) which looks pretty solid, with MTO omelets and eggs and many other standard breakfast fare.

                We were seated immediately, and a very good strong cup of coffee was delivered to the table for me and my dining partner. The breakfast menu was pretty solid, with very reasonable prices ($5-6 for omelets). I went with the French toast and a side of Canadian bacon and my dining partner got the blueberry pancakes. The place was packed and I was ready to wait for a while before the food came out, however, in under 10 minutes, 3 slices of golden brown french toast and 3 massive pancakes chock full of blueberries arrived at the table. My buddy said that the pancakes were good, but nothing special, but I raved with every bite of my french toast. Something so simple was much more flavorful than usual, with brioche used as the base and extra cinnamon and nutmeg in the egg batter. The canadian bacon was nicely charred on the edges but not overdone.

                Overall, for under $15, breakfast at Andy's is a place that I will surely go back to. Can't wait to try more!