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Favorite vegetable dish

Does anyone have a favorite vegetable dish? I have to admit, I am a meat and potatoes kind of guy so sometimes I cook a meal without a green vegetable....Ok so shoot me!

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  1. I stopped shooting anyone years ago... but my very favorite vegetable in the wide, wide world is eggplant. So any dish which incorporates that vegetable is fine with me: caponata, parmigiana, gratin, grilled, baba ganoush. etc. I may not have a green veggie every meal but I try to have at least one veggie dish each day. A tasty way to eat your green leafy veggies is a quick sauté with EVOO, garlic, crushed red pepper flakes and a tin of anchovies. Delicioso!

    1. At our house we regularly include a quick saute of spinach, dandelion greens, swiss chard, with garlic and sometimes pine nuts or anchovies. Another tasty quick veggie is sauted Haricots verts (those skinny green beans) with shallots in olive oil (or butter).

      1. Take any vegetable and roast it. You won't be disappointed.

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          I'm with you, prob roast veggies, always diff. too, several times a week (although it's slowed a bit since we're renovating) but sometimes our dinner doesn't have a meat at all when I have all these roasted veggies (on a pile of br rice, w/ shredded cheese.).

        2. Chopped red bell peppers, cucumbers, red onion in a vinagarette.

          1. I love vegetables! If I had to pick a favorite it would be spinach or bok choy. Garlic and lemon on a lightly sauteed fresh spinach is awesome. A little cooking sauce, a drop of sesame oil, and a tiny bit of soy sauce on bok choy, I can eat buckets of!

            1. You could try Asian flavors, peanut sauce over raw vegetables. Or chop lots and make egg foo yung/vegetable fritters. And as poster ipsedixit said, roasting is a very good idea.

              1. i like almost all vegs/roots/herbs/greeneries, save for leeks and scallions, and anything that taste like them. have you tried roasted aubergine with mince. btw, does anyone know what it's called? i want to make it one of these days. it looks like this http://bonvivantnl.fotopic.net/p45527...

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                1. This would sway even the most ardent veggie-phobe: http://smittenkitchen.com/2007/08/my-...

                  1. I love different vegetables all the time. You really should include a variety of vegetables in your diet. Last summer I discovered a zucchini and potato gratin with fresh oregano that forced me to buy a mandolin. Recently I discovered choy sum greens at the Asian market. We like fresh spinach raw in a salad or barely cooked. I love salads of all kinds. We have grown such wonderful heirloom peppers for the past two summers that I have started eating more peppers. We love sugar snap peas. Tomorrow night we will have fresh parsnips from the garden and look forward to growing more beets this year. We also learned we like some things better roasted. I can't wait for garden fresh tomatoes and basil. I think I would give up desserts before I would give up vegetables.

                    1. How can one narrow it down to just one favorite vegetable dish? I don't think I've met a vegetable I didn't like, only some iffy recipes. There is such a glorious universe of variety in vegetables, with seasons, regions, terroir, etc.

                      What are you seeking to try: a particular vegetable, technique, cuisine, challenge, what?

                      My favorite veggies change with the seasons:
                      summer would include tomatoes, corn, peppers, okra, eggplant, etc.
                      Fall and winter: root veggies, greens, cabbage, pumpkins, etc.
                      Spring: asparagus, and so on.

                      And in each season, I like to try new recipes or techniques, and also often work with old favorites....There are just too many to list.

                      1. eggplant if I have to choose only one