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Mar 16, 2010 07:05 AM

Taiwanese Breakfast in Flushing

I'm looking for excellent Taiwanese Breakfast - you tiao (dough sticks), cong zhua bing (scallion pancake), dan bing (egg pancake) , shao bing (stuffed bun-type thing), dou jiang (soybean milk), etc. in Flushing. Is the Yong He place any good, or shall I look elsewhere? I'm also looking for the best bubble milk tea and VEGETARIAN dumplings, preferably served with vinegar and ginger. Help a sister out!

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  1. King 5 Noodle: I've been to King 5 Noodle in the past (now has no english name and just says niu rou mian in chinese), here's an old review and yelp link: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/450535

    however, i recently went there and it wasn't as good as it was in the past although it was still decent, not sure if it was an offday?

    Yong He - I ate at yong he recently, it was pretty decent. They had a cong dan bing which was sort of a combo of a scallion pancake and a dan bing, it was excellent, very fresh and crispy really good with some hot oil. I also tried their tian dou jiang, which was good although it had this smoky almost nutty flavor, i think they may have slightly burnt their soy bean milk, but it was still good. I haven't tried their shao bing or their xian dou jiang yet, but i do want to try it (let me know if you do). btw dude the real deal place in yong he in taipei is ridiculous (just ate there 3 months ago


    Nan Bei He - this place was known for breakfast although i'm not sure if it shutdown b/c it was closed the other day when i walked past it the other weekend

    Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao - I haven't tried the actual breakfast here, but i had their tian dou jiang and it was good, i have a feelilng their breakfast is high quality, the table next to me ordered their you tiao and it was freshly fried, it looked so good! its high on my list of places i want to try, here's a review i did about their other food and here's the yelp:

    dumplings - try white bear, definitely my favorite dumplings in flushing
    bubble tea - can't help you i never get it

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      Do any of these have (xian) dounao? Please say yes.

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        that can be had at the muslim bread guy (his new location) inside one of the Main Street malls; can't remember the name off the top of my head but it's down the block (away from downtown flushing) from Golden Mall. Sold in huge containers to go, but also served in the mall itself (there are tables). I see people ordering that, plus a giant egg or bread thing wrapped around you-tiao, and just dipping away. scarily big meal.

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            Unless one of the other Hounds lied to me that would be the Oriental Express mall at 41-40 Main St., in the very back.

            1. re: Chandavkl

              sounds about right! they are in the back on the left-hand side; at the front is a hand-made noodle guy on the right side who never has much business but I'm tempted; he does the hand-pulled as well as the knife noodles and I think one other one.

              my favorite item from the muslim guy is not the big breads but the heavy-on-the-lard bings, in sweet and plain flavor as well as one that is filled with red bean. there must be so much grease in those flaky layers but it is so good. the steamed buns are good too. everything from that guy is good!

              1. re: bigjeff

                Not speaking the lingo, I just pointed. I'm not sure what I ended up with--maybe a corn pancake. Anyway, it wasn't especially good.

                1. re: Chandavkl

                  haha, ya that corn bread sucks so I have to take back what I said about how everything he has is good. actually I think I got the corn bread once just to buy something healthy cuz I was picking up those other heavenly ones.

                  next time, get the flat round one that doesn't look like a giant almond cookie (that's the corn one, right?). get the pale flaky ones, about the same size, 1" thick and maybe 5" diameter; they might have sesame seeds on them or something and are usually they are piled up on the top of the display, all the way to the left. I really don't know how they do it but the in mandarin, I would describe the texture as both "suu" as well as "fen-fen" which is basically like, crispy/shattery yet at the same time, grainy/granular. it is a very peculiar balance that this guy achieves. and the whole thing is probably just 3-4 ingredients: flour, lard/fat, salt and water or something like that. very simple, and very satisfying.

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            i didn't see it at any of the places i just mentioned, but the flower shop dou hua / dou jiang lady on roosevelt serves it

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            Nan Bei He is actually owned by the owners of King 5 Noodle. They closed Nan Bei He recently. I went to King 5 Noodle for dinner about a month ago and the owner confirmed that Nan Bei He is done for good. I think King 5 Noodle is probably the best Taiwanese breakfast in Flushing. I'll have to try Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao and see if it's any good.

            As for bubble tea, there is always Ten Ren or Quickly. I prefer Quickly because they have a VIP card and you get 20% off once you get like 5 drinks. Plus, they seal their teas, which reminds me of Taiwan. :)


            1. re: teresa

              oh interesting...i didnt know that, seems odd to have the places so close to each other, probably cannibalizes business

              historically, king 5 had been my go to taiwanese breakfast joint although my recent trip was the first time in a while

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                Where is Yong He in Flushing? My friend took me to the famous one on the way from the airport in Taipei. I still prefer the alley near my grandma's apartment. SO GOOD! I'm craving it now!

                1. re: teresa

                  yong he is in the food court in the flushing mall, its toward the center (no english sign, but you'll notice it)

                  the thing is yong he in taipei is an area, so like every place is called yong he (in LA there are like a million yong he). the one i went to is called yong he dou jiang wang (yong he soy milk king)....i was shocked at how good it was. so cheap too i think it was like $5 for 3 of us to eat

                  1. re: Lau

                    Oh wow, I've been to Yong He then. I just never looked for their name. It's by the bubble tea place there right? Yeah, lots of places in Taipei are called Yong He. I'll have to go back there for Taiwanese breakfast. Last time I went to the Flushing Mall was after a feast at King 5 Noodle. I think I'm biased because the owner always talks to me and my family there! I definitely don't want them to go out of business.

                    And yes, I love how you can ask for half sweet at Quickly. I didn't even think of doing that, but I always do that in Taipei!

                    1. re: teresa

                      yah i think so its to the left of the shaved ice place

                      king 5 does pretty decent business every time i'm there, so i think they'll be ok if you try yong he haha

                      if you're in taipei, this is the place i'm talking about, the pics aren't that good, but dude this place is ridiculous: http://eatbma.blogspot.com/2005/10/ta...

                      xian dou jiang, tian dou jiang, fan tuan, shao bing, luo buo gao....man im so hungry now

                      1. re: Lau

                        a real shao bing cooked in a real urn? I miss the days when I was visiting Taiwan and we were staying in Hsin-chu; my job was to wake up early in the morning with my coins, bring the soymilk kettle and go to the market, fill that sucker up and then pick up shao-bing for breakfast right from the urn; salty, sweet . . . . as a 12-year old, that was one of my strongest impressions of taiwanese breakfast.

                        1. re: Lau

                          Thanks for linking to that blog - now I'm even more nostalgic for Taipei than usual, which is saying something!

                2. re: teresa

                  quickly I also like because you can control the sugar and ask for half-sweet or even quarter-sweet (not sure if other places let you do that but quickly definitely does and I like their ying-yang drink also). the place on the second floor of flushing mall (near korean fountain dumplings) also does a decent ying yang drink (can't say it is THE BEST but, pretty good).

                  1. re: teresa

                    Nan Bei He merged into the King 5 Noodle location. If you go for brunch, you will see all the items you remember from the Nan Bei He menu. There was an advert in the chinese newspaper a few months ago announcing the "merge."

                  2. re: Lau

                    yes, I've eaten many times at the one in Taipei, i'm looking for something up to par with it!