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Mar 16, 2010 06:51 AM

Fun Dinner for about 30 (adults/kids) around Warwick, RI

Going to be in town (from long island) in mid April with a group (approx 15 Adults & 11 14 year olds + maybe some siblings). Staying in Warwick, but not averse to driving anywhere within 20 mins or so.

Looking for a place for dinner. A sports bar; a red sauce Italian joint; a burger joint, upscale pizza, ribs..whatever. Not looking for a dive, but something decent that isn't a chain or too cheap.

Would be great if we could find a place where there's someplace we walk afterward to hang out at outside. An outdoor market or mall type place...thanks

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  1. Luxe Burger Bar would be great for the kids. It's in Providence, right near the river, which makes a nice walk after dinner.

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    1. re: invinotheresverde

      While I agree with the Luxe rec, there's not an awful lot along the river that'll interest a large group of 14-year-olds (unless it's a Waterfire night, which in mid-April is *very* unlikely). Something up on the Hill may be better for the after-dinner walking around.

      1. re: Gin n Tonic

        Eh, it's a nice enough walk. There's nothing really teen-specific in PVD at all, in my opinion.

        The Federal Hill walk is a good idea, though, OP. You could get dessert at Dolce Vita, Pastiche or the gelato place.

        1. re: invinotheresverde

          "There's nothing really teen-specific in PVD at all, in my opinion."

          True, that.

          If they go to Pastiche as a group of 30, they're eating in shifts.

          And don't get me wrong, I like walking along the river, too. But I'm not 14.

          1. re: Gin n Tonic

            I'd do take out at Pastiche. They have great mini tarts that are easy to eat while walking. Also, the biscotti are great. Obviously, things requiring a fork wouldn't fly.

          2. re: invinotheresverde

            I totally agree on Luxe with one caveat: it's small. A group of 30 would be pretty overwhelming in that space, I think. Unless it's a nice night and you can sit outdoors, because they do have the patio.

            Dessert at Dolce Vita would be lovely, again if it is a nice night and you could sit outside.

          3. re: Gin n Tonic

            ....unless there is something going on at Kennedy Plaza. They often have skateboarding, which could be fun for the kids.

            1. re: dagwood

              ...and roller derby, but probably not this soon in the season.

              1. re: invinotheresverde

                yeah, that's why I didn't mention that. The roller derby is a huge hit w/ my kids though.

            2. re: Gin n Tonic

              There's a Waterfire tonight (March 19th) so you never know! I suspect tonight's Waterfire is due to the NCAA tournament being in town, but it can't hurt to check the schedule once it's up.

          4. If it more FUN than food you are looking for, you could try Dave and Busters in the Providence Place Mall


            1. I think teens and adults would like Fire & Ice at Providence Place Mall. They get to pick the food they want (raw) along with their choice of sauces then bring it to a big grill for the chefs to cook it.

              Fire & Ice
              48 Providence Pl, Providence, RI 02903

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                1. re: Gin n Tonic

                  Fire and Ice is disgusting. Not edible. Search this board and you'll find a plethora of posts to that effect.

                  1. re: dagwood

                    I did a search on Fire and Ice Providence and came up empty handed. The several times that I have been there it was very tasty. Certainly not gourmet but good!

                    1. re: jcanino

                      Really? Because I just did and I saw several. Did you check the General New England archive?

              1. For over 25 souls drive a little further to....

                1. Not sure you are interested but there is a place in Harrisville RI. called Wrights Farm, which is quite large and serve mainly chicken , as much as you want to eat.. I did a travel sheet on it from Warwick and its about 38 miles and about 50 Mins driving time.. Any way I thought i would mention it. As the food is good, and usually children like chicken. Any way good luck Earle

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                  1. re: Earle

                    Geez dave and busters, a chicken restaurant and a place 50 minutes away?

                    Dave and busters is a non-starter and if i'm going to drive an hour, i just as soon take them to eat somewhere @ mohegan sun. Is there no upscale sports bar or family style italian spot that can accommodate a crowd?

                    1. re: drothman66

                      Angelo's on Atwells Ave for red-sauce Italian. I'm not sure Luxe is out of the running, either, as was discussed up-thread. Maybe call them to discuss (I'd call any place I was going to show up with a group of 30 just on general principles.) As dagwood said, weather will have a lot to do with it. April in Pvd can be beautiful or abysmal.

                      From Angelo's it's a very short stroll to Dolce Vita or Pastiche; from Luxe it's longer and not very pretty.

                      Wright's Farm, which is both the chicken place and the "50 minutes away" place, is a RI institution, but I'm not sure I'd ever send an out-of-towner there. It's not easy to get to, and the food is about what you'd expect from a kitchen that serves thousands. It's inexpensive, edible and filling, period. But they wouldn't bat an eye at a group of 30.

                      Wright's Farm Restaurant
                      84 Inman Rd, Harrisville, RI 02830

                      1. re: drothman66

                        Maybe your group should check out Angelo's on Federal Hill in Providence. I haven't been in years but it seems like this may be more of what you are looking for. After, you could walk down to De Pasquale Square and get dessert at one of the places in that area.

                        I like Luxe Burger and think it would be a good option but you would need to call to see if they can accommodate the size of your party. Walking from there to the Providence Place Mall is an easy walk.

                        Snookers, also in Providence, is a sports bar/pool hall. They have TVs everywhere and you might be able to shoot some pool depending on what time you are going for dinner. I would recommend you call and talk to them first. It does tend to be more bar/pool hall than restaurant the later it gets in the evening, but I believe they are trying to market the restaurant side more. I've had some decent bar food there lately. There isn' t much in the area around there to do after.

                        In Warwick, there is Dave's Bar and Grill. They have a small game area with a pool table, basketball game and a few other arcade games. My teenage niece and nephew like it there. We can easily see them from the dining area and they don't get stuck at the table with the adults.

                        If I think of other places, I'll post again.

                        Luxe Burger
                        5 Memorial Blvd, Providence, RI 02903

                        1. re: drothman66

                          For a sports bar, I'd recommend Blake's Tavern in downtown Providence. Great beer on tap, great bar food, great chili, their "The Hill" (chicken parm sandwich) is killer. Stay away from their salads. Awesome jukebox, and a large room in back that could probably accomodate your party. It also has a pool table, but more times than not it's missing a ball or two.

                          It's also not a far walk from the mall, and there may be some skating or something going on in Kennedy Plaza that might be fun for the kids to see. In the winter it's ice skating, but outside of that they often have half pipes set up for the skateboarders, sometimes even roller derby. Kennedy Plaza is located directly across the street from Luxe, and in between Blakes and Providence Place Mall.

                          I'm with Gin n Tonic on not recommending Wrights. It is indeed an institution, but survives solely because of this.

                          Blake's Tavern
                          122 Washington St, Providence, RI 02903

                          1. re: dagwood


                            Maybe it you mentioned exactly in Warwick you are staying it might be more helpful.

                            I'm thinking maybe even Bugaboocreek that could accomodate everyone, I know it isn't too far from TF Green. Will you be in that area?


                            Not a place to be able to do anything but eat and have fun.

                            You could also look at Chelos


                            They are warterfront and you could walk around, but no shops or anything, but could be someting to do after, but with that many, maybe not so fun.

                          2. re: drothman66

                            Rick's Roadhouse ( would probably be a good bet. Saw a group of about 30 kids & adults (a hockey team?) in there a couple of weeks ago. They seemed to be handling it well. It has a fun BBQ atmosphere, and while it' s not exactly a sports bar, but if there's a big game on they project it onto the wall.