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Mar 16, 2010 06:47 AM

A Caribbean Affair: Manchester, NH

Has anyone tried this place? I just read the review in the Union Leader and it looks promising.

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  1. We went last night and it was wonderful. It's a cozy, family-run place (reminds me of Cafe Momo in this regard), and the owners were friendly and helpful with menu suggestions. I had the goat roti and dining partner had the oxtails with rice and peas and fried plaintain. Both entrees were delicious, nicely seasoned. As an app, we had the beef patties--ground spiced beef in pastry. Very nice. The cook is from Trinidad, but the menu features items from all over the Caribbean. I encourage you to give this place your business; the Backroom doesn't need it!

    Cafe Momo
    1065 Hanover St, Manchester, NH 03104

    1. We finally went recently and it was delicious! We also ordered the beef patties and loved the bit of spiciness in them. Obviously handmade too. I had a craving for wings and they were perfectly done. We got to try out all the sauces, so I didn't go with the spiciest one but a sweet and sour one and it was great. Also the fried rice had broccoli, carrots, and corn -- it was really good and I ate every bite. He had some really good spaghetti pie and eggplant.
      There are so many different things to try there so we can't wait to go back soon.

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        I went once and loved it - I have to give it another try.

        They even have breadfruit!

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          Oh wow! I'll be up in Manchester next month and I'll make sure to try it out, their menu looks awesome!

      2. We had dinner there on Saturday night for the first time - good time! We used to frequent a Caribbean place in our old Brooklyn neighborhood called Brawta and have missed things like roti and beef patties. Our server was SO VERY friendly and patient, even when the tables started filling up, absolutely wonderful. Started with the app sampler, which was two pieces of four different things, in and of itself a good amount of food (The mini beef patties ROCK, I joked that I wanted 100 more and a cooler full of beer). I had the oxtail with rice and peas and callaloo, the SO had chicken curry, bammy and pumpkin. We had sorrel and a mango drink with dinner, pineapple upside down cake and some sort of parfait for dessert. The check was under $40 with tip. Everything was delicious and in generous portions. Compared to our old Caribbean digs, this place is much more homestyle; not a bad thing at all! Go!!!

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        1. Went today meeting a trio and had the luncheon special for $5.99
          It came with soup (todays was black bean) a smaller portion of an entree, and a side. Great deal for $5.99 and the food was delicious.

          I also got the Felafel, which was also wonderful. I would definitely go again.

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          1. re: gryphonskeeper

            Thanks for the reminder, will have to put in on the rotation again.

          2. Ditto, excellent lunch deal for $5.99! Ihad a very zippy (good heat) pork jerk w/ the fantastic blck bean soup and a side of sauteed cabbage which was excellent. Perfect amount of food for lunch. I loved it and can't wait to try again.