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Mar 16, 2010 04:59 AM

Food Shopping in the Marina (SF) Area/Ferry Building Market

I'm going to be SF for a week starting this Thursday, staying in the Marina area. There is a Safeway very close by, that I haven't checked out yet, but that I suspect will be fine for my general cooking needs while I am there.

However, one night, I want to cook for my brothers' friends - seven or eight in all - on the 22nd, and would like to be able to put on a feast. I have no idea yet what I'm going to cook, but would love suggestions for good food shopping in the area, where I can browse and see what appeals to me, etc. I did see a small Italian market on Chestnut - Lucca? - but didn't have the chance to go in.

Another thought I had was to go to the Ferry Building, maybe on Saturday morning for the farmers' market, and to do much of my shopping there. (Haven't figured out how to get there by public transport, but would take a taxi back.)

So, I'd very much appreciate any suggestions you might on this subject.


P.S. I did do some searching, but didn't find much about food shopping in the area. If there are threads that are helpful, please let me know.

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  1. Lucca is a good Italian delicatessan. Down the same street, Chestnut, is the Marina supermarket and on the same block as that Marina meats. Both have the same owners and that's where my wife does most of her shopping. To get to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, take the 30 Stockton bus on Chestnut towards the Cal Train depot. Then transfer to either the 12 at Stockton and Broadway or the 1 California at Stockton and Clay. Check out for times, etc. You can use their trip planner for assistance. Go to the farmers market early because it and the ferry building get crowded as the morning goes on.

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      Transferring to the 1 California is the easiest.

    2. The Marina Safeway is famous, btw, for it's singles scene, and has been since the swinging '70s (ah, my not-misspent-enough youth).

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        Oh, lordy, is it still famous for that?!? I moved to SF in '76 and always had to "primp" if I went there.

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          I was curious, so I did a search and found a blog post from 2007 claiming it was still living up to its reputation (she did a comparison with two other Safeways as controls).

      2. The Safeway is fine but nothing special. The Marina Market and Marina Meats are great but a little pricey. Real Food Co. in Cow Hollow is a step above Marina Market, particularly for organic stuff, but also very pricey.

        1. Your idea of shopping at farmer's market at Ferry Bldg EARLY Saturday is excellent; you can make your life a lot easier just taking a taxi each way.

          Lucca's prices are really out of this world; no one else in SF charges this much.

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          1. re: walker

            And how early is EARLY? Thanks.

            1. re: MMRuth

              Most of the stands are open by 8am; you should be able to avoid the worst of the crush if you arrive by 9.

          2. You'll love the Saturday morning farmer's market, MMRuth -- it's very easy to get there via public transportation, and there's a ton of great stuff there. Here are a few good threads about good stuff a the FPFM around this time of year: -- a lot of the stuff suggested and listed there are bakery items and non perishables, but you'll also find spring produce, like asparagus, which has just hit the markets, maybe early peas, green garlic, and the usual greens. Strawberries have also been in (though I don't think they're quite ready yet) -- you can check the CUESA website for their e-newsletter at the end of the week and it will tell you the likely suspects for being at the market.