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Mar 16, 2010 04:28 AM

Grocery stores with Mexican ingredients in Amsterdam

Hi all,
I've been searching for stores that stock Latin American ingredients in Amsterdam. Particularly, masa harina and dried chiles.
Thank for any help! My brain loves it here but my taste buds are homesick.

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  1. As far as I know, the only place to carry a variety of Mexican and tex-mex ingredients in Amsterdam (Masa, dried chiles, cans of tomatillo salsa, chipotles and adobo, frozen corn tortilla's , etc.. is Tjin's International Foodstore near Albert Cuyp market.

    enjoy, and browse the other sections too, and get a broodje pom to go.. it's a great shop.

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    1. Hello Allison,

      I found the masa harina and dried chiles on an internet shop called
      They also have other mexican stuff. Hope you find what you need.