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Mar 16, 2010 02:02 AM

Xinjiang/Uyghur (Muslim Chinese) cookbook on Wikibooks

I've kind of posted on this topic before, but I don't care.

Xinjiang/Uyghur food is some of the most delicious stuff on planet Earth.

Unfortunately, because of its remoteness, the Iron Curtain, and now tremendous restrictions on travel and immigration by the CCP/Chinese govt,,, its really hard to find good recipes or demonstration videos online, let alone actual food in the U.S.

However, someone established a Wikibook for it..... and now it waits for someone to write in it

Do you know ANY Uyghur/Xinjiang cooks? D.C. has the largest Uyghur expat population in the U.S. outside of China. Still, we've never had a representation of them in the areas dining scene.. BLOWS. We dragged five guys half way around the globe and wrongly imprisoned them in Cuda for four years. They planned to open a restaurant in their next home, and we STILL bungled that! You have to go to the Caribbean to taste what could have been in our back yard! Guh! Your next best bet, is a small shop serving nostalgic Russian expats in Queens NYC.

It's like were living in the days before dial-up Internet, forced to languish.. our desires for gratification unfulfilled.

So, please pass this along and see if we can get some real information in there (or at least, second me on how ridiculously good the food is.)

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  1. Seconded. Ridiculously good.

    "D.C. has the largest Uyghur expat population in the U.S. outside of China." How do you know this? I'm wondering if they tend to live in a particular community here.... if you want to encourage it, maybe an appropriate restaurant in that community could be approached to make some dishes....

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      They live mostly in NoVa I've heard, but I have no idea where -- during the Gitmo detainee release huff-up a year or two ago, the major papers reported that NoVa is home tot he largest expat community.

      They do have a advocacy group (Uyghur American Assoc) with a D.C. address.

      I've posted on their forum a couple of times, and here as well, lobbying them to open a restaurant. Apparently the idea it batted around, but no one gets down to it. One person offered an invitation to dinner and to possibly eventually teach some cooking, but the conversation devolved into a strange/nasty/racist anti-Han thing -- I just left it at that. I support Uyghur independence and am pretty knowledgeable about CCP policy in W. China, but just wasn't up for the headache at the time.

      That's a good idea asking about Uyghur staff at existing restaurants. I bet they'd be excited to do it if given some advance notice. I'll post on the UAA board and report back if it goes anywhere.

    2. I need to have some. I know some Uighars work in Chinese restaurants. There's some talk of this in Peter Hessler's excellent book Oracle Bones.