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Mar 16, 2010 02:02 AM

Sauce / Dip suggestions needed for skewered mushroom tortellini

Does anyone have some good ideas for a sauce / dip for skewered mushroom tortellini, which will be served as nibbles during cocktails -- that does not involve pesto or vinegrette?

In addition to the tortellini, the skewers will hold a butter-sautéed baby mushroom. Preferably, the sauce/dip would be made a day/hours ahead and served at room temp.


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  1. The tortellini sounds fairly rich, so I'd probably go with a contrasting sauce.

    You could do a very simple pureed tomato sauce, with some garlic and herbs, thinned down to easy dipping consistency.

    A sharp cheese sauce could work, too, if you can get it to a decent consistency at room temperature - I'm thinking parmesan or a bit of blue cheese.

    The other thing I might try is a roasted garlic sauce, with mayo as a base.

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      Building off that, if you want to avoid mayo, maybe a sauce of roasted garlic pureed with some olive oil to the right consistency. Add some herbs and/or a touch of cheese as desired and it should still be creamy and appropriate for room temp serving.

      1. re: cookie44

        I also thought Parmesan or blue cheese so I like the cheese sauce idea, but consitency will be tough at room temp.

        An herb aioli could be good too - you could avoid making it like pesto by choosing an herb other than basil - I love rosemay or thyme with mushrooms.

        Good luck!

    2. Maybe a lemon aioli?. Your skewers sound delicious.

      1. Thanks to all for your suggestions. Cheeses have to be avoided, but both the lemon and the garlic aioli sound really good. I'm planning to serve warm baguettes, roasted asparagus, and side bowls of aged fig-balsamic vinegar and a lemon-infused olive oils, so the garlic versions sound like a good fit for flavour contrasts. Brillant! Again, cheers to you all for your help!