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Mar 15, 2010 11:43 PM

Happy 100th! Roberts Corned Meats (San Francisco)

This year I thought about trying house-cured corned beef from one of the Bay Area’s many meat counters that are trying their hand at this for St. Paddy’s Day. But when I read that Roberts Corned Meats is celebrating a 100th anniversary this year, how could I stray?

Roberts started a Facebook page,

This afternoon I headed to SOMA, and the one parking space right next to the store was open. I took that as a sign that I’d made the right choice. I asked for a point cut brisket, about 6 pounds, and learned that the smallest available now would be 8 to 9 pounds. I looked at two, chose the one with more marbling, and it’s simmering now on the stove with the dry seasoning spices provided in a separate baggie.

This one weighed 8.45 pounds. The posted price is $3.49/lb. for corned beef brisket and I was only charged a flat $25. Gotta love old time family-owned businesses!

Cash or check only. No credit or ATM cards.

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Roberts Corned Meats
1030 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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  1. Melanie,

    This just begs for a second thread on the oldest food establishments in the Bay Area. There was a time when I could rattle off some of the most venerable SF restaurants -- Jack's (now Jeanty at Jacks, founded 1864), Schroeder's (founded 1893), The Old Poodle Dog (founded 1849, RIP), Fior d'Italia (1886), Swan Oyster Depot (1912), etc. etc. I don't think I could do so today.

    What say you hounds?

    Which food suppliers are at or near the century mark?

    I'm *guessing* a couple of the other Italian fish markets might make the cut. A couple of North Beach coffee roasters, maybe? (Graffeo is a mere pup at 75 years old).

    And I'll hazard a second guess: The longevity record that won't be beat is Boudin -- 1849.

    Sushi Monster

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    1. re: Sushi Monster

      Long time no see SM...hope all is well.

      Benkyodo founded in 1906.

      Sam Wo in SF Chinatown is apparently over 100 yrs old.

      1. re: Sushi Monster

        A few years ago we talked about some businesses founded in 1928 here,

      2. There is a great blog entry regarding ROBERT'S CORNED MEATS !
        Teddy just visited there, and Greg Dixon shared a lot of his "meaty" knowledge with him...

        1. Here's a bit of a side note on Roberts corned beef. I picked up a pre-packaged CB brisket (Murphy's) from Lucky on sale, $2.38/lb (?) expecting nothing except a ritual meal of cheapo CB&C.

          When I got home I noticed the printed weight and info label read Roberts corned beef. It also was "flat cut" (red sticker) and had a nice, even, almost velvety layer of fat on it. I don't know if it was Roberts or the flat cut but it was very tender and understated in flavor. I was a little surprised. If it was actually Roberts, it was the scraps, all small ends, still tasty however.

          1. Today was proclaimed Roberts Corned Meats Day in San Francisco.

            The lyrics to "Danny Boy" were written in 1910.

            Roberts Corned Meats
            1030 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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            1. Thanks for the tip! That was some very fine corned beef!

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              1. re: sfbing

                I'm glad you gave it a try. I'm interested in trying the corned pork next. But will need to get a buying group together, as the smallest size of the boneless leg is about 20 lbs. Also it's frozen. There's also the corned pork loin, which is a whole loin portion but can be cut in half. Each half is about 9 lbs.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  If you need someone extra to take a few pounds off your hands, I'd be interested. My contact info is in my profile.