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Mar 15, 2010 10:34 PM

New Yawkers in Fort Lauderdale SE 6th Street Area

Hi, a friend of mine and I, living in South Beach, are headed to Cinema Paradiso just off US 1 on SE 6th street in Fort Lauderdale next week. Any suggestions for us for good food at good prices? We are going on a Monday night. We like most foods except Indian. I am treating as my friend is heading back to NYC for the summer, a snowbird, so want something more than just hamburgers or sandwiches. Would love places like Hi-Life, Cafe Sharaku etc but they are not open on Mondays. Any suggestions?

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  1. Canyon Restaurant is next to Cinema Paradiso. Not too cheap, but fabulous food.

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      Oops - Got my theaters mixed up. Canyon is next to Gateway Theater, not Cinema Paradiso. Still a great meal close by though.