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Mar 15, 2010 09:31 PM

Asheville to Nashville Child-Friendly Restaurant Recommendations

My husband, 4-year old, and I are spending a week driving from Asheville to Nashville. We are spending a few nights each in Asheville, Sevierville and Nashville. We would appreciate your recommendations for not-to-be-missed food experiences where our 4-year old would also be welcome.

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  1. Puleo's is Southern+Italian and also ery child friendly. They have locations at the Strawberry Plains Exit (398) between Sevierville and Knoxville and also at one of the exits for Cookeville on I 40 on your way to Nashville. Most any restaurant in the Sevierville area will be child friendly since it is such a big tourist area. Buddy's Barbecue is on the Parkway coming in to Sevierville from Exit 407 off I 40 and they have a child's menu. I really don't have any outstanding recs for the Sevierville area for Adults - food is lots of chains.

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      Buddy's BBQ - "not to be missed"? Hardly. Pass on that unless you want an unforgettable gastronomic experience of the wrong kind.

      Juliekl - when are you traveling?

      1. re: stephwriter

        Sorry to see such an ascerbic post. Our family has enjoyed Buddy's for many years.

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          In agreement with LGD, Buddy's sells a great moist but not greasy pulled pork that is both reasonable and satisfying.
          Fairly often we'll pick up a pound on the way home for sandwiches and salad toppings. There are never leftovers.

      2. Julie, which route will you be taking? Interstate 40 (normally the most direct route) is closed west of Asheville due to the rockslide last fall. Probably your best route to go north on 26 to 81 to get to 40.