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Mar 15, 2010 09:03 PM

@Bangkok Thai in Harbor City

A new Thai restaurant in Harbor city has emerged called @Bangkok. In the old Cham Thai building on PCH just East of Western Blvd. All new and tastefully decorated inside. We have been there four times now and all four times we haven't been disappointed. Very fresh entrees, no frozen vegetables like a Thai restaurant, not to be named, on PV Drive and Western. The Spicy Beef salad and Pork Salad were both full of lime/chili flavors. The Hawaiian Curry was sweet and had a twist in that there were Serrano chilies that made it so good I didn't want to stop eating. Along these lines of hot and spicy we loved the Chili with chicken, it also is made with serranos. For a slightly different taste try the Dragon Dish, we had it with chicken and it has cucumbers, tomatoes onions with chili paste. Other dishes we tried and found delicious were the Spicy Mint, Drunken noodle and/or spaghetti (their version of Pad Ke Mow). If hot isn't your style the Mongolian Beef was very good and sweet. Another nice thing are the prices...all the above entrees ranged from $7.50 to $7.95. Rice was extra but if you order from the special dinner menu you get a small salad and rice along with your meal for $7.50. No alcohol license yet so no Thai beers : ( Highly recommended.

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  1. Is this place next to Baja Fish Grill?

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    1. re: annapurna7

      Yeah, that's the place.... annapurna. I think that location is going to be the kiss of death. This restaurant replaces a thai restaurant that went out of business before it.

      Hey 25dob, have you eaten down the block at Lomita Thai (red bldg) and if so, how would you compare it to this new place?

      P.S. - I'd like to put in a shout-out for the Baja Fish Grill (inexpensive, fresh grilled fish... presentation isn't anything fancy... or if you don't care about getting heart disease, I think they'll fry the fish too). This place should be put under restaurants that I go to that are unfortunately empty.

      1. re: DrBruin

        DrBruin.....I like it way better than Lomita Thai. The last two times when I ordered an entree from Lomita Thai the onions weren't done. I don't like raw onions as they leave a real bad taste in my mouth. The one thing I do like at Lomita Thai is their Prik King. Go ahead and try @Bangkok....or as some call it.... At Bangkok... let us know.

        Lomita Thai Cafe
        1733 Pacific Coast Hwy, Lomita, CA 90717

    2. I finally tried this place yesterday and I give it a thumbs up.

      First off, When I was looking over the menu I noticed that their focus was more on BBQ/ Meat dishes and salads, while Lomita Thai has more focus on noodles and curries. I think these two restaurants will do well co-existing together.

      I tried the Spicy Mint w/ chicken, salad (x2), shrimp fried rice (x2), and Angel wings (chicken quarter stuffed w/ shrimp and fried). These were part of a dinner special and the price for both meals was about $18.

      The Spicy Mint with chicken was really good. It appreciated that it was actually SPICY. The ingredients were fresh and chicken was sliced nice and thin to absorb all of the flavors. I liked this dish better here than Lomita Thai since they seem to have scaled back the heat lately.

      The salad was just your basic dinner salad. I wasn't fond of the house dressing, which tasted like honey-mustard. I prefer the chile-lime dressing provided at Lomita Thai. However, I still need to try the spicy Beef salad which should have a similar dressing.

      The shrimp fried rice was ok, but was a bit bland. The rice was also too mushy as I'm sure they used freshly steamed rice to make it. I will need to try it again to see if they were having an off day.

      The Angel Wings were huge and really good. The accompanying cucumber sauce was great. I've never had the Angel Wings at Lomita Thai, so I can't compare, but I will definitely order these again from here.

      Overall, I consider @Bangkok to be a great value and a welcome addition to the area.

      Lomita Thai Cafe
      1733 Pacific Coast Hwy, Lomita, CA 90717