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Mar 15, 2010 08:31 PM

Has anyone tried Solita?

Has anyone tried Solita, the new Italian place in the old Mark's Las Olas location?

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  1. We "tried" to try it a couple of weeks ago. My husband went in to give our name and very quickly turned around and left. He said it was a mad house, incredibly loud and there was no one to give your name to. I guess being a spin-off of Martorano, it's just that kind of place. If the food is good we might try it on a week night when it's not that crazy.

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      Thanks...That's what I was afraid of!

    2. I stumbled into the bar there a few weeks ago with some friends... I agree with the other poster that its much like Martorano's. Its really noisy, music pumped up, a bunch of young girls acting as bartenders. The bar was really busy around 9:00pm, the restaurant was fairly busy but a few empty tables. We didn't try any of the food though.

      1. We've been there twice and haven't been disappointed yet. Both times we have gone fairly early and it was mostly empty which was nice because we have been so over the Martorano deal. Anyways about the food - The meatballs are excellent served with ricotta and a little bit of salad, basically same prep as Martorano. The Bronzino was really fresh and has a lot flavor with a huge amount of parsley, artichokes and tomatos with some balsamic and olive oil HOWEVER they don't filet the fish for you - which is a little daunting.
        The pasta with beef short rib ragu was outstanding but was no longer available our second visit. Veal Sorrentino - eggplant, prosciutto and mozzarella and basil excellent , done perfectly. The grilled pork chop with the red onion and sweet & sour fennel was one of the best grilled pork chops I have had in a while, really juicy and a ton of flavor. If you like brussel sprouts these are a must - roasted with some lemon and chili glaze on top of some kale which I think was roasted as well ( um...bottle of red anyone?) I wouldn't get the cauliflower gratin again - first of all it isn't a gratin, secondly it was very bland , it's basically cauliflower with a very thin cheese sauce in a small ramekin. The Shrimp Brandy was OK - poached tiger shrimp with celery root and arugula .

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          Thanks! Curious what you mean by fairly early...We, too, are over the scene!

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            Both times were around 7 / 7:30

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              Thanks. That's great to know:-)

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                Has anyone tried this special that they offer on Wednesday nights?


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                  Half priced wine... thats a pretty good deal.

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                    I actually tried the Wednesday night special last night and thought it was a solid deal. The food was good, not great, but for $49.50 for two people and half price wine, it was well worth it. The meatballs were quite good, the ravioli excellent, the salad was fair (very salty) , the chicken scarp was also overly salty but still fairly ok, and the canoli was excellent.
                    Though I probably would not be in a hurry to go back here for the regular menu as it appeared overpriced, I would certainly come back for the $49.50 Wednesday night deal.