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Mar 15, 2010 07:54 PM

Need quick lunch advice, please!

I'll be in NOLA for a conference Thursday and Friday, and they are only giving us 1:15 for lunch. The conference is at the Sheraton. I need two lunch spots we can get in and out of that quick, obviously will need to be in the Quarter or CBD. I was thinking Mona Lisa on Royal for one. Could we get lunch that quickly there?

I am a vegetarian, so there needs to be at least one vegetarian option. Thank you so much!

By the way, here are our dinner plans: Green Goddess (ate there three weeks ago and it was amaaaazing!), Dante's Kitchen, Boucherie. I LOVE New Orleans food. Mmmmmmm...

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  1. Mona Lisa is a bit of a walk from Canal St. I think you'd be pressed to make it in time. A bit closer are Mena's Palace or Johnny's poboys for casual (don't be intimidated by the line at Johnny's, it goes fast), Napoleon House or K-Paul's deli style lunch (awesome food, unfortunately served on plastic plates with plastic cutlery) for medium price, and Mr. B's, Bacco, or NOLA for a bit higher end. Mr. B's has a good 2 course daily lunch special. I think that you could find a vegetarian option at any of these places, definitely if you eat fish.

    If you're interested in a good sandwich, but not necessarily "New Orleans" food, there are several good sandwich shops in the CBD. Welty's Deli, Between the Bread, Commerce deli, and The Store are a few.

    If you especially wanted the kind of food that Mona Lisa serves, which is in my opinion not especially memorable pizza and sandwiches, there's a Rotolo's pizza on Chartres at Conti or another pizza place at Decatur and Iberville.

    1. Try Luke or Domenica in the CBD. They are both within walking distance of your meeting.

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      1. Emeril's offers 3 course, 30 minutes, $19.50 Luke's service is very slow. Boucherie is gussied up barbque.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions! Liz, Domenica is one of the places I was considering - can we get in and out of there in about an hour? Is it worthwhile to get reservations for lunch?

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            M Bistro at the Ritz also is an amazing spot and a 5 minute walk from the Sheraton

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              paz, thanks for the rec! that place looks awesome and I love that they use local ingredients.

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              I've done lunch in an hour more than once (but they weren't terribly busy). Still, they're very accommodating. Get a res, and tell them when you make it that you have only an hour.

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                We ended up eating lunch at Napolean House and Domenica.

                Napolean House - good, quick, pretty cheap, and lots of vegetarian options.

                Domenica - the eggplant dish with goat cheese and balsamic was AWESOME. unfortunately, the pizza was awful - burnt, sauce not flavorful, scant toppings.

                Thanks for your recs!!

                123 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

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                  My very favorite place for a quick lunch salad (vegetarian) is Welty's Deli on Camp. Everytime I go to NO for work I run across the street and pick up something to take back to the office.

                  Welty's Deli
                  336 Camp St, New Orleans, LA 70130