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Mar 15, 2010 07:40 PM

HELP! Braun hand blender died

I shorted out my Braun hand blender which I use every other week to make sauce. I also loved the attachments which saved me from using the food processor.

I searched the forums for another immersion blender but I really want the attachments to make little purees (especially now that I have a baby!) - so much easier to clean.

Kitchen Aid? Cuisinart? Viking? The Swiss brand that doesn't have any attachments?

I need to order ASAP! Thanks

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  1. I've had my Cuisinart for about 10 years and it's never failed me. I'm not sure if they still make the one that is mostly metal - i've seen the newer variety that appears to be made primarily of plastic - can't speak to those but mine came with three attachments and has served me well in sauces, soups, smoothies and vegetable purees.

    1. I recently bought this one for $29 bucks and I love it. Make soups and smoothies all the time now. Even works quite nicely with squash. And they're in pretty colors.

      1. I have a Kitchenaid that I have had for five+ years.

        My wife looked at the Braun which I originally wanted, but bought me the less featured Kitchenaid because it seemed more substantial and solid.

        1. I got a KA when I burned out a Braun god-only-knows-how-many-years-ago. The KA does a better job and is still going strong without a sign of slowing down.

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            I got my Braun hand stick in 1988 and it died last year. A friend gave me the one she got as a wedding gift. But I noticed the attachments, especially the chopper of my 1988 is of better quality, more metal and stronger plastic. So my advice if you buy a new Braun sitck be sure to keep your old attachments.

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              1988 was most likely not made in China; almost all small appliances are now made in the PRC

          2. The demo on Williams Sonoma shows that the Bamix comes with attachments.

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              The WS photo makes me wonder if I can use a hand blender in my LC. They have the same picture for 3.5 qt oval wide ovens, too. Do they really mean it? I have never used even my SS whisk in my LCs!

              1. re: hobbybaker

                Regarding your LC (hopefully you mean LeCreuset), I used the now dead Braun almost weekly to make sauce.

                Occasionally I used it to chop nuts or shred carrots. Actually the blade in the cup did the cutting and the blender just turned the blade.

                I don't need massive power to whip or puree, just enough to do those things. I'm still balking at paying $70 for a few attachments!

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                  I use the Bamix immersion blender and metal whisks in my Le Creuset without issue.

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                    This is a late reply, but of course you can use your hand blender in your LC! Think about it. There is no way that the hand blender blade will touch the finish of the pan. They are designed that way. But that thought aside. You can use ANYTHING in your LC. If it gets marks, it is the utensil leaving some of itself on the pan - not visa versa. If you do get marks, use "bar Keeper's friend" to clean the marks away. The only thing that can really discolor the Le Creuset is overheating/ burning the pan. You do NOT use to use high temperature with these pans! (I used to work for W-S!)

                    P.S. I just burnt the cord of my 1986 Braun Stick Blender which is used constantly and showed now sign of dying on us. My husband said that Cook's Illustrated still rated Braun as the best, but I think is is maybe half the price of the Barmix.