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Mar 15, 2010 07:34 PM

keg. calgary .help

im going with some friends who have gift certificates to keg ,probable Marlborough .anybody got some recs of what is good.?non picky eaters in the bunch,altho they want steak.ive only been many years ago and have no idea.

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  1. yea, we only go to the keg when we have gift certificates too. have to say, though, that the food at the keg is absolutely terrible, and it's really hard to actually recommend something. face it, your steak is going to be tough, your lobster overcooked, and your potatoes fake. all of this is going to be exacerbated by the long duration the food spends under heat lamps. i haven't seen the kitchen at the keg, but judging by the food, it has all been under heat lamps for some time, and i wonder if they don't actually cook plates to order, but instead 'pre-cook' everything, put under heat lamps, and then assemble the pre-cooked food to order.

    1. I don't think it's all that bad. I like the tenderloin cooked Chicago blue.

      The potatoes are the most realistic fake potatoes ever. Easy to do with mashed but so, so difficult with baked.

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        last time we went, we were pretty sure they were fake mashed potatoes (once we peeled off the layer of dried "skin" on the mashed potatoes)

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          I've never had anything but baked there. Husband always has the mashed, hates fake and still orders them. I should say we go to the NW Keg. I dunno if they're different but they might be.

      2. I have friends who work at The Keg, and the mashed potatoes are real. The amount of butter, cream and salt is insane though. Actually, in my experience, everything is oversalted. I'd stick with the vegetables, but obviously people love the steak and I've heard decent things about the chicken.

        1. I've had some decent meals at the Keg (nothing exceptional, but dependable basic food), however, I've only had TERRIBLE experiences at the NE Keg. Please spare yourself and don't go there. Once, we got our entrees for free and another time, we recieved a $50 gift card as compensation. It's worth the 5 min. drive to the Keg in the Beltline (11th Ave.), always had decent meals there.

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            ditto best to go macleod trail Keg

            once we watched while waiting.. a whole bunch of steaks come out really black.... i told the waiter not to bring me anything that was completely black.. which they did

          2. I'd have to agree that it is a terrible restaurant. I go occationally with work. One time they said that we couldn't have the baked potato because the microwave wasn't working. My rare steak was like beef jerky (sent back of course). You can do far better elsewhere or cooking at home for that matter.