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Mar 15, 2010 06:08 PM

Are any of these places in Hollywood good deals (a ?)

Hi everyone

I will be coming to LA for the 1st time (staying in the Hollywood area, spending my days at Hollywood & Highland evenings at a B&B right off of Hwd Blvd but nearer to WeHo). I'm planning on being a solo diner for most meals.

I've never used before but since everyone likes a good deal on a meal out I wanted to know what
1) people think of (what are its pitfalls for anyone who has used it)
2) what people think of the following restaurants coming up in my search that are near where I'll be spending most of my time (figure whatever is on the menu I'll end up paying approximately %40-60 off menu prices)

Cafe Audrey
The Cat & The Fiddle
El Floridita
Geisha House
Kubar Mediterranean Cafe & Hooka Bar
Le Croissant Club
Miceli's (on Las Palmas)
The Pig N Whistle
Pueblo Viejo
Yammy Pizza

I have seafood allergies and my breakfasts are covered so we're talking dinners & lunches here.

Any winners on the above list?


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  1. I've never eaten at Cat & Fiddle (just alcohol). I've eaten at Miceli's because it's there, and I like the vibe. Plus, it's where my wife and I wound up eating on our first date. But I wouldn't recommend it unless you're already right there (e.g., going to a movie at the Cinematheque). Certainly not a destination place by any stretch of the imagination.

    There's much better food in Thai Town, just a few blocks farther east.

    Also, Los Balcones de Peru (I think that's the name) - highly recommended Peruvian joint in the same general neighborhood.

    1. Pls avoid Geisha House. Not worth it even w 50% off. They left a bone in my toro (altho I suppose you won't be getting that w your seafood allergies)

      Their kobe steak isn't worth it either.

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      1. re: burumun

        geisha house was the perfect place for my daughter's 16th birthday--food not so good, but the scene made her feel 'with it.'
        now that she's 19 she wouldn't be caught dead there--she'd rather go to a place with good food.

        1. re: westsidegal

          @westsidegal I looked at Geisha House's you can't turn off, hard to navigate & oh so preciously trendy...yuck. Not a good sign for eating.

          Ditto just about everything immediately in the Hollywood & Highland complex: its all either chain/fast food (which I could easily eat here on the East Coast thanks) or chi-chi/too precious for its own good. The most appealing value in H&H might be happy hour specials & then we're talking pub food so why not go to a proper pub?

          I don't care about making the scene...soaking up a little old Hollywood history I can abide (though I know those places don't have much foodie appeal & you have to order cautiously, like stay away from Musso's canned veggies), but the hipster thing not so much. Plus I don't relate to many of the new Hollywood celebrities so I don't care if I see them or old film star might be nice but it's not absolutely necessary. I just want some decent food that I don't have to cab/use public transportation too far all over LA to get (skipping a rental car to avoid LA's traffic & parking hassles).

          By the way I was reading old threads here on Mussos & what exactly is the off the menu special baked potato...that might fit the bill when I stop in there.

      2. I don't find to be such a great deal. I have experienced where one must spend a certain amount to claim the discount and it is expected that 18-21% added as tip regardless of service quality. (some places add their tip % for you, which means you have NO choice). Maybe others have had better experiences with this site ???

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        1. re: Kitchen Queen

          I think going with 3-4 people you can get a pretty good deal since you'll meet the minimum pretty easily. I went w/ 4 people to Ham Ji Park and filled ourselves with $9 per person, tax and tips included.

          Tibet Nepal House with 3 people, $13 after tax and tips where we ordered dishes that were $16-17 originally.

        2. @JackFlash I may or may not have time to get into Thai Town to eat but if you have recs there let me know (I just set the range on to 1 mile within where I expect to be most of the time on this trip)

          @burumun Sorry to hear about your Geisha House experience...their menu sounded good but your experience has me reconsidering them (I would have gone for steak and yakitori-type stuff).

          I'd like to eat Asian at least once while I'm in town (not something we have that's decent where I live) so maybe I'll do Shins BBQ instead

          @KitchenQueen I see your point about the minimums & added in gratuities (a lot of the places I listed have a $35 minimum order, Geisha House's is $50 & most all of them expect 18% gratuity)

          But I may do a GC for one place (a friend who is local likes the food @ Cat & Fiddle) and if 3-5 of us are there the GC is a good option for a big social get-together.

          Thanks all...this is very helpful.

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          1. re: VDOVault

            Palms Thai: good food, plus the famous Thai Elvis.

            For food only, I'm partial to Yai (two locations; the one in the dodgier spot is certainly closer to where you'll be).

            One place that gets raves here (I haven't been in a million years, and the menu has changed significantly since my last visit) is Jitlada.

            1. re: Jack Flash

              How funny! I passed on staying in a hostel right near Palms Thai because the area looked sketchy from my Google Maps Street View 'virtual tour' (and worse recently the hostel started getting terrible online reviews) and instead got reservations for the B&B (7800 block of Hwd Blvd).

              Will keep Yai & Jitlada on the list of possibilities.

              1. re: VDOVault

                Just a heads up in case you are buying coupons shortly on - if you enter the code BITE at the end of your transaction you should be able to purchase the coupons for an 80% saving off of the normal savings...which is a damn good deal if you want to save money and try out some new place in LA like those listed above.

                1. re: Servorg

                  @Servorg Oh thank you! Will do!

                  I'm thinking of Cat & Fiddle for when I meet my friend who loves it there & maybe Micelis

                  1. re: VDOVault

                    Glad to share it. Just hope it's still good. These 80% codes come and go pretty fast. Good luck with wherever you dine. Hope you'll come back and let us know how you find the food and ambiance whichever place you choose.

                    1. re: Servorg

                      Those codes do come and go pretty fast, but they also have them fairly often.

                      I'd pick Cat & The Fiddle from the list. Had dinner there a couple years back and the food, while certainly not authentic, was good, solid pub fare. The space is nice and drinks are good.

                      1. re: uwsister

                        I got a $10 gift certificate to Pig N Whistle (convenient for lunch + place has some Hwd history going for it) & also a GC for The Cat & The Fiddle. Both were 80% off their discounted rates so I'm happy.

                        Still debating whether to go to Musso & Franks...maybe just for a snack & a drink instead of full on's their French Onion Soup? And which kind of fries/frites are their best?

                        1. re: VDOVault

                          that 80% code is gone.

                          now it's 70% off with code LUCKY. still not bad!

                          1. re: burumun

                            @buruman I haven't checked to see if the 70% off code applies to their new gift cards (might get a few for local friends), but the 80% code did.

          2. I love the cat n fiddle - especially for lunch. Great outside patio w/fountain and you can walk down the street and shop Amoeba records or catch a movie at the fabulous arclight if you're so inclined.

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            1. re: sfgirl22

              Amoeba is on my list of places to hit if I have time...good to know its close to The Cat & The Fiddle