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Mar 15, 2010 05:41 PM

Where can I find Tiger Tail ice cream?

As a kid, Tiger Tail (my favourite flavour) could be found at ice cream palours all over southern Ontario. The last time i saw it was at my university cafeteria in 1996. I must be able to get it somewhere...any suggestions or known spots?
For those that aren't familiar with Tiger Tail it is orange ice cream swirled with black licorice. Sometimes there is vanilla swirled in to. I know, I know--it sounds digusting...but it isn't. really. and I don't even like licorice much.
I'm willing to drive anywhere in the GTA for good Tiger Tail but I do live at Avenue Road and Eglinton.

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  1. a little old but still might be worth checking out:

    and according to a Yelp review, here's a place that sells it:

    you can find the darnedest things with Google!

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      true (that you can find the darnedest things with Google)....
      I had googled it myself but was hoping to find something a bit more current and less Chapman-esque. The Yelp review is definitely a keeper though.

      1. re: Goodystuff

        hope that lead pans out for you. i'm fascinated by the concept of this ice cream flavor - my elementary & high school mascot was a tiger, so it's too bad we never had it here in the States - it would have been a big hit in my hometown!

        1. re: Goodystuff

          Carter's is a wee little family run business and is going to be open on easter weekend but otherwise has been closed for the season. I'm not sure if they'll remain open after easter or if it's a one-off.

          1. re: hoagy294

            I was at Carter's on Sunday. They are open for the season now and yes, they do have Tiger Tail ice cream. I had Butter Tart flavour!

      2. Fast forward to summer and my ritual Tiger Tail ice cream on May 24 weekend at the Kawathra outlet in Minden. The Kawathra Ice Cream website has a listing of GTA locations that sell their ice cream. You'll have to call to see if the locations stock it..... ask them to get it in's worth it !

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I have had it at Lick's before...not sure if it's a regular flavour.

            1. Stoney Creek Dairy Bar - King St. E. in Stoney Creek. I forget when they open for the season.