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Mar 15, 2010 04:53 PM

Veggie restaurants in Tokyo

A perennial topic, I know. My hippie, vegetarian sister is coming to Tokyo next week, and we'll be in the market for some good food stops. Any suggestions out there? I know we'll hit Eat More Greens and Nagamine (mentioned recently on this board. I went a few months ago, and it was great). I'm interested in Nakaiseki Sen, also mentioned here. Any more suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. I'm quite fond of Nagi Shokudo in Shibuya: - good luck finding it if you haven't been there before, though. While you're in the area, Kuumba du Falafel is also amazing, and - as far as I know - totally vegan.

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      The new restaurant Manna (if it's still open) is an option.

      In Akasaka recently, I saw a macrobiotic restaurant but I don't remember the name - sorry!

    2. I know everyone defines the word differently, but if we're talking 'vegetarian' as in not eating any meat or fish, then Nagamine is not really suitable for vegetarians.

      Here are a few shojin-ryori places you might like:

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        Last I checked, Daigo on the shojin ryori list wasn't vegetarian either - the chef told me that he uses katsuo stock, though that was many years ago. The best pure veggie shojin joint, in my always humble opinion, is Itosho in Azabu Juban: 3-4-7 Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku. 03-3454-6538.

        Gaya, in Aoyama or Yoyogi Uehara, is great:

        And there's even a garish joint in Yokohama's Chinatown that has a pretty sizeable vegetarian menu. They like you to call ahead and warn them if you're going to order veggie so they can scrub all the pots and pans clear of the meaty oils:

        Meanwhile, there's a site listing most of the city's veggie spots:

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          Ah, thanks for letting me know about Daigo. I just called and asked, and they said they use katsuo-bushi.

          Have you tried Amane in Akasaka? They do a Y4000 prix-fixe menu at dinner if you book in advance, but they also serve shojin a la carte.

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            No bother. Daigo also uses onions - another shojin no-no.

            Haven't heard of Amane, but will check it out. Ta.

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              Really? Onions is not allowed in shojin ryori? Didn't know that. Did they pick that up from the Jain?

              1. re: Uncle Yabai

                There is a rule about avoiding vegetables/herbs with strong smell as they excite the senses. The list includes garlic, shallot, etc (from Allium family) and I believe onion (being related) is associated with these. Although I don't think it was in the original list of smelly ones.

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              Actually Daigo can do dashi without katsuo-boshi. You need to tell them in advance, and unlike Nagamine, they do accommodate you. Not that I would want that sort of thing, but some very strictly religious Indian friends did.

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                Ah, good to know - they didn't mention that to me when I called. At those prices, I'd hope they'd be at least a bit accommodating.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I recently discovered Vegematto, a tiny 14 person bar/restaurant in an alleyway in Roppongi - for 3500 yen per person, we were served 6 courses of vegetables, delicious, fresh and perfectly executed! Courses include mushroom consomme, salad, a variety of marinated veggies, pan-roasted veggies and veggie fondue or bagna cruda (the bagna cruda was awesome!). The final course is rice with egg and miso soup. Everything was delicious and we felt very healthy (and full!) afterward!

            1. There's also the Brown Rice Cafe, a little Macrobiotic place in Omotesando.


              Some pictures of the special I had that day, relatively cheap and they give you a ton of food.





              They have a wait a lot of the time so you may have to put your name on a list but that's alright as there's plenty of things to do in Omotesando while you wait.