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Mar 15, 2010 04:44 PM

Who serves PIE in the metro..... real pie, good pie??

It's difficult to find a true version of pie anymore. Whether single or double crust, meringue, cream, fruit, ice-box... but not the "fluff" that some restaurants label "cream". Any quality pie knowledge/suggestions?

I know that Mama's Daughter's has a good rep for pie, but I *think* those are the ones that I refer to as "fluff" - some *version* of Cool-Whip w/a bit of flavoring and color added. The Dixie House Cafe(s) (out of Ft. Worth) serves the same type and they just don't fit the bill for that which I'm searching; although I believe both have a couple of fruit, double crust selections.

Babe's (Carrollton location) has an absolute killer pie which they label Lemon Meringue - it's actually a wonderful lemon pudding/custard-like filling with meringue so light it disintegrates on mouth contact. They also have a choco meringue - untried, but I imagine it equals the lemon.

Society Bakery in Arlington has a great French Silk Pie with a hint of Amaretto. This place is obviously an old Celebrity - same decor and menu - but the FS Pie is much denser, ergo, deeper depth of chocolate that what Celebrity offers.

Untried, but pie is on the menu at Pioneer (coffee shop) in Arlington - just east of 360 off Division - and Cheddars has apple pie. While it'd be a real long shot to think that Cheddars makes theirs, not sure about Pioneer.

So are there any others out there where one could just get a piece of pie and cup of coffee?

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  1. If only we had House of Pies up here, it's the best place to be after bar-hopping in Houston.

    Key lime pie at Ravelin is pretty good, and sells out fast just like any of their other products. You'll find a quality meringue that you're looking for.

    When you say fluff I'm also thinking of what they serve at Norma's (specifically the N. Dallas location). I didn't like their lemon meringue and chocolate peanut butter pies, they just seemed so... off. Anyone had a good experience with pie there?

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      I wish Tippin's Pie's were still around. Or maybe it was Pippin's.

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        It was Tippin's. They closed in 2004 but still have stores in the kansas City area.

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        Gonna order some pies for Thanksgiving from Ravelin. Will report back on how they are!

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        1. Norma's pies are my favorite. I've only tried the Oak Cliff location, but I'm sure their North Dallas pies are good, too. I'd really like a slice of coconut and some coffee about now.

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            Norma's in Oak Cliff is great... plus if you go at 6:15 or 6:30 PM they will sell you pies at half price (they close at 7 PM and try to unload their pies at that time.) First discovered Norma's pies when I saw people eating slices for breakfast there. I was intrigued and came back for pie.

          2. I've had the chocolate meringue at Babe's--I found it way too sweet.

            You could try Carshon's ... be warned that they serve their chocolate meringue pie warm, which I believe is just WRONG. But you can get everything to go. Or request it cold ... their coffee sucks, so you're probably better off eating it at home. (The Rachel sandwich is excellent ... and enough for two people. You could eat there, and get dessert to go ;)

            The desserts are pretty good at Lambert's in Fort Worth. I had the coconut cream pie there, and it was good. Nice crust. I split it with a friend--she thought it was the best she'd ever had.

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              Interesting about the sweetness of the chocolate, as the under sweet, under tart is one of the pluses I enjoyed about the lemon pie.

              Aside from pie, how is Lambert's on their steak?

              1. re: CocoaNut

                I had the chicken-fried steak rather than the steak, so I'm sorry I can't report on that ... one would think it should be good.

                Btw, the banana pudding at Babe's was also so sweet I couldn't eat it. Strange ...

            2. Ranchman's Steakhouse in Ponder, Texas (about 30 miles north of Dallas--near Denton) has fantastic pie. They usually have about 4 or 5 different kinds, Always chocolate meringue and coconut meringue--usually some fruit pies too. Always homemade. Always delicious. I've enjoyed many pie pieces here and have never been disappointed. They sell out sometimes of a flavor or two, so don't be disappointed if you miss your favorite flavor. Besides pie, they have great food. Burgers and steak sandwiches are great. Steaks are great too.