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Mar 15, 2010 04:28 PM

Defonte's is not bad

Just had the roast beef with eggplant and fresh mozzarella.

Would give it more like a 3.5 instead of a 4 but the service was very good and they delivered on my request for bloody rare roast beef.

The reason I am not giving it higher is because by the time I brought it back to my office it was cold and rather soggy. The top of the bread was barely bread anymore. As for the roast beef it was perfectly rare but needed a heaping helping of some salt and pepper which helped.
I think they should load on a little more mozzarella and eggplant, which could have been crispier. Overall though a really good hearty sandwich and for $10 its a ton of food. I ate half and then just ate all the stuff out of the bread for the second half.

I am now regretting it because I am busting at the seams. They get kudos for giving he a HUGE container or the au jus to go with tons of delicious chunky onions. I popped that in the microwave and dipped the sandwich in it which really helped a bunch. Will definitely go back.

Defonte's Sandwich Shop
261 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10010

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  1. I've never seen them offer the au jus before. Did you request it?

    It's great when the eggplant still has crunch.

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    1. re: sugartoof

      I did request it and the gentleman behidn the coutner who I believe was the owner gladly gave it to me right from the pan in a large plastic sealed container.

    2. I was neither blown away, nor horribly disappointed by it. I'd be willing to give the original location a shot.

      1. At times they definitely use too light a hand with the salt and pepper. But I like the balance of eggplant and mozz. Its an enormous sandwich as is and couldn't imagine any more. The eggplant gives it a nice crunch but isn't overwhelming (obv only when its crunchy). I never got a side of au jus either. Just the spooning of the juice on the top cutside of the bread.

        My favorite is still the roast pork with the hot salad (#34).

        1. That is interesting because I ordered a sandwich from Defonte's for my plane ride back to LA yesterday and it held up beautifully. It didn't have the au jus. It was the Italian sub sandwich with breaded eggplant, hot salad but no oil and vinegar. I ate it about 6 hours after the sandwich was made and it was excellent.

          I'm originally from NY but have been in LA for over 10 years. There is 1 place in LA that has good sandwiches like NY. The biggest disappointments are usually the bread and lack of quality cold cuts. I would kill to have some nice semolina heroes and good cold cuts in walking distance like Defonte's is from my old place.

          1. DeFonte's rocks!!! I've been going to the Brooklyn sammich shop on Luquer St since I was 6. My 90 year old cousin still lives across the street god bless her soul. I was thrilled when they opened the Manhattan location. The roast beef, eggplant and mozzarella sammich is one of my faves. Get a whole one and you have dinner for two days. Did I say, DeFonte's rocks???

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            1. re: Motosport

              I like to order the eggplant, fresh mozz and roasted rep peppers. I really wanted to like the hot salad but actually found it rather bland. It needed more pickled flavor.