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Mar 15, 2010 04:02 PM

Would it be weird ...

... to use Chinese hand-pulled noodles in an Italian pasta dish (e.g. Spaghetti Carbonara)?

Sometimes I'll make hand-pulled noodles and have the urge to make Italian pasta (as opposed to a Chinese inspired noodle dish).

I know I *can* do this ... but is there something intrinsically unique about Italian pasta that requires a certain kind of pasta -- i.e., one that is formed into sheets and extruded from a machine using semolina flour, eggs, etc.?

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  1. Why not? You can judge from the results. I've seen the opposite trend, using Italian pasta, e.g. vermicelli, in Asian dishes. Please try it and tell us how it turned out.

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    1. re: Father Kitchen

      What he said! I think it really depends on what you're looking for from the dish. Will it taste exactly like the same dish made with Italian pasta -- probably not. Will it still taste good. Probably. Will it taste the way you want it to taste -- that's where your subjective judgment comes in. FWIW, I've used Asian noodles with Italian-style sauces and enjoyed them a lot.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Yeah, I think both of you are right.

        Just sitting here, I recall using soba noodles once with a pesto sauce ... and it turned out just fine (if I'm remembering correctly).

    2. Actually I think hand pulled noodles would work awesomely well. The surface texture should allow a great sauce pick up! I would experiment with cooking times as I think Hand pulled will cook and when you sauce, suck it up faster. GO for it! I wish I could taste test the experiment!

      1. I used soba noodles for carbonara once after seeing Ming Tsai do it -- it was kind of neat, given the extra toothiness of the soba. Gave it an extra dimension, but it didn't wow the pants off me.