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Cabbage recipes?

We came home yesterday from a St. Patrick's Day parade with several heads of cabbage for our two-person household. Yes, in New Orleans, they throw vegetables, especially cabbage, at this parade. My recipes for this veggie are pretty much limited to coleslaw and corned beef and cabbage. Does anyone have any great recipes for our catches? I would hate to see this go to waste.

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  1. Stuffed cabbage? Time consuming but so worth it! You can even stuff the leaves and put them in the crock pot to cook. Stuffing of your choice . . . I usually use lean ground beef mixed with a bit of italian sausage. Top it with a tomatoey sauce or chopped tomatoes and seasoning and you're good to go! Also fried cabbage with/in bacon is delicious!

    1. you can look through the results of this search for tons of ideas...many, many threads about cabbage!


      1. Kapustash-Hungarian Cabbage and Noodles...........

        Shread one head cabbage
        Saute until translucent (andvery soft) in a very little bit of oil and a few tablespoons of butter.
        Season with salt and pepper, toss with one pound cooked wide egg noodles.

        This is one of my wife and kids favorite suppers. I like to toss in pieces of leftover pot roast, roast beef, or roast chicken.

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          hmmmm my grandma made this all the time! She used spatzle

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            Sounds like your grandma was called OMA, and was from the Austrian side of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

            I had one of those as well. Spaetzel is my favorite starch

        2. I just finished using up a 1/2 head of roughly shredded cabbage, 2 medium sliced onions and 4 carrots, cut into 1/4 inch slices on the diagonal. I cooked them over high heat until softened, in a cast iron skillet, added (off the heat) some salt, red pepper flakes, srichacha sauce, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar. Yum. Don't stint on the vinegar.

          1. Marcella Hazan's Minestrone. Delicious and uses a good amount of cabbage.

            1. I think my fave all time childhood until now comfort food is cabbage soup...Polish.
              Then after that cabbage recipes stuffed cabbage. Now that is tedious to make. So look at the unstuffed cabbage recipes, this one is close to the one my Mom makes: http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/main.... It makes bunch but freezing it makes SO much better! She uses bulk sausage instead of ground beef...you can use ground turkey even. It's really good and you can crock pot it. Cabbage is one of those items that does amazingly great left a day or so..tastes much better. So freeze and enjoy later!

              1. I just used up a head of cabbage this weekend. Two of my favourites are (inauthentic) okonomiyaki and stir-fried cabbage with hot sauce:



                Braised cabbage is also delicious, with a little onion, apple and mustard seeds.

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                1. last week i made Cabbage Chips - really yummy like kale chips - tear into pieces, then spread on a parchment lined baking sheet, sprinkle with olive oil or spray with Pam, then sprinkle with kosher salt, pepper, and herbs/spices of choice, and bake at 375 til crisp (i like em browned too)

                  i also make "sushi cabbage" - when we don't want the excess carbs, i'll grate/dice cabbage, then steam. i'll make a syrup from rice vinegar, sugar, water, and salt, and allow it to cool. then in a wooden bowl toss the cabbage with the syrup. then fan it out and let it all cool. i'll use it in substitute for rice in cut rolls or hand rolls.

                  1. I don't know if it has a name, but it was a staple around our house when I was growing up.
                    Thinly shredded cabbage sauteed in butter (not very much butter) along with a small amount (about 1/4 the amount of cabbage) of boiled and diced new potatoes or red potatoes. While that's cooking, saute some bread, cut into about 1/4 inch squares, in butter until crunchy. Once it's all cooked through, mix in the bread and serve. Sprinkle crisp bacon bits over the top.

                    1. I think I got this awesome recipe from fellow CH's - cut nice wedges of cabbage and shove sliced garlic inbetween teh leaves, drizzle with olive oil, s&p and either grill or roast - wowsa!!! I've done it both ways, love it!!!

                      I roast big chunks often.

                      I also love a stir fry of sliced cabbage, some red too if you have it, sliced carrots, brocolli and cauliflower (sometimes I'll add mushrooms to this mix) - stir fry on very hight heat with oil and Braggs liq, Amino. Then pile this on brown rice (or not) and your shredded fav cheese. This is my ultimate comfort food.

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                        LexPatti - Those are two of my favorite ways to cook cabbage also. Roasted with some lemon pepper. When I stir fry it, I usually use lean ground beef, carrots and onion and serve over pasta, usually angel hair pasta.

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                          This roast cabbage thing sounds amazingly good. Lexpatti: can you give a little more guidance on roasting temps and times?

                          Another idea: how about kimchi? Most recipes call for Napa cabbage, but surely it can be made with regular?

                          If the OP likes Indian food, cabbage koftas are a great dish, and here's a link including a video. Manjula's recipes are usually well regarded:

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                            I don't remember details sorry, but most likely was in this thread that I started years ago:

                            I think I actually wrapped in foil and roasted in the oven, maybe 425 for bout 30 min???

                        2. Kinda healthy (cabbage) and kinda not (bacon) make a great combination.

                          Just toss some bacon into a lightly oiled pan/dutch oven on yourstovetop, stir fry until lightly crispy. Add cabbage and stir fry that in the bacon grease, finish with some fresh cracked pepper and voila! Instant dish that tastes fantastic.

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                            This is one of our favorite ways iwth cabbage - I add very thinly sliced onion, also. Have a seen a recipe that calls for green pepper and canned mushrooms, believe it or not!

                          2. This is our favorite cabbage dish:

                            Roughly chop cabbage (could also shred)
                            saute in olive oil and garlic till slightly softened
                            add 1-2 tablespoons of honey and some red pepper flakes (adjust to taste) and stir
                            cook until cabbage reaches desired doneness


                            - Multi-Grain Pasta with Sicilian Salsa Verde, Cabbage, and Haricots Verts from Bon Appetit (http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...)
                            - Weight Watchers 0-Point Vegetable Soup: http://www.weightwatchers.com/food/rc...

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                              I'm making stuffed cabbage rolls tonight. Mixture of ground beef, ground turkey, eggs, and rice in tomato sauce with that all-important 1/3 cup brown sugar.

                            2. Chinese cabbage soup?
                              Stuffed cabbage rolls?
                              I have tons of recipes. What I dearly love is cabbage simmered with a little water and chicken broth (not much) slivers of ham and white onion, a garlic clove, and just stew the cabbage ----omg, so good. Ham is perfect with cabbage.

                              A lot of Asian dishes, Cabbage in Garlic and black bean sauce, or simply stirred fried with garlic, ginger root. and a light cooking sauce of chicken stock, cornstarch and soy.
                              You could make Spicy Chinese Cabbage. So many Asian recipes are possible, just endless. But even if you go simply with boiled cabbage, salt and pepper and butter, omg, is that ever good

                              or stuffed cabbage rolls with corned beef, rice or red baby potatoes, carrots, and onions. In a crockpot with tomato sauce over?

                              1. Seared red cabbage wedges - saw this in the NY Times, tried it, and wow!! Cut a small head of cabbage into six-eight wedges. Heat olive oil in a heavy frying; place cabbage wedges in pan cut-side down. Sear until dark brown, turn, and sear the other cut side. If it's a larger head of cabbage, cover with a lid and steam until done. All you need is good salt and pepper. I could eat just this for a meal.