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Mar 15, 2010 03:47 PM

Panang Curry Paste (YYC)

Has anyone had the fortune of finding this paste anywhere in Calgary? I have seen an abundance of red and green pastes for the soupier Thai curries at my local Safeway, Co-op and Superstores but haven't been able to locate the Panang version and am looking to make this thicker curry without having to make the paste myself. Any help would be appreciated.

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    1. I've never had luck at either T&T, but I have found it at the Lucky Supermarket. Look for the tub with the purple label.
      237-4527 8 Avenue Se
      Calgary, AB T2A 0A7
      (403) 569-0778

      *I have to thank a very friendly Thai cashier at the Superstore, who noticed me buying red curry paste, coconut milk and other Asian goodies...when I asked her about Thai cooking supplies, and Panang Curry Paste specifically, she suggested the Lucky Supermarket.

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        You have love helpful people. I haven't been to Lucky Supermarket but will soon since it's in the neighbourhood.

        Lucky Supermarket
        4527 8 Ave SE #327, Calgary, AB T2A 0A7, CA

      2. If you do look at T & T be sure to look in the SE Asian section and not just the spice aisle. I have some in the pantry but I'm not sure if I got it there or at Tops on 16th ave and Centre north or Lambda on Centre and around 12th North.

        1. if you hit lucky superstore in forest lawn prepare yourself for a rather overwhelming smell as soon as you get use to it fine but the initial whif almost knocked me on my thinking its the spice isle but not sure.anyway have fun,some neat things there and its a little cheaper then t and t.