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Mar 15, 2010 03:35 PM

CH from Montreal-Where to go???

Hello fellow CH,
I am a beloved fan of this site and now really need advice as I am going to your lovely city of Washington next week, (staying at the Palomar) and have 4 nights of wow places to go enjoy your food.

I am really wanting to stay away from tourist traps.
I really love Italian, the more authentic (from northern Italy to east, west and south), its all good, as long its delicious and fresh.

We are going to a Jazz supper on Monday.
What else is different, your favortie places, the budget is not limited at all too! Yay for work expenses!

Thank you!

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  1. I think you can search the site and find a lot of places. The big breakdown is whether or not you want dives or not. For higher end, I would go to Oyamel (for upscale Mexican), Brasserie Beck, for Belgian, and someplace for a crabcake. Now if I could only get my hands on some Spruce beer.

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    1. re: ChewFun

      lol.....true...spruce beer in a glass bottle is awesome.

      Thank you for the advice, I have taken the notes down and will do the research, I just seem to be running out of time.

      I wonder if you could mail order spruce beer?

      1. re: Richelle

        You have pretty good Italian food in Montreal. For almost a taste of home, there is a South African, Mozambiquean, Portuguese roasted chicken chain with two places here in DC, Nano's Piri Piri. Zaytinya, Jaleo and Oyamel are all owned by the same Spanish Chef, Jose Andres.

    2. If you like Italian, and certainly if you like wine you should check out Dino in Cleaveland Park. Tosca in Penn Quarter is also very good and has wonderful pastas.

      I would also recommend Rasika for modern Indian.

      If you want different perhaps head to Minh's for Vietnamese? I also like Cafe Atlantico and Zatinya (I could survive on their homemade pita).

      For more traditional cuisine, but done well, I really like Proof and Palena.

      If you can afford to splurge maybe try CityZen?

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      1. re: ktmoomau

        Regarding Cafe Atlantico, if you are here on a Sunday, you can enjoy the delicious Latin Dim Sum brunch. I just love that!

      2. I think you would love Obelisk and that it would fit your needs perfectly - but I doubt that you'd be able to get a last minute reservation there. I think you'd have this problem at all the best high end places in town (Komi and Restaurant Eve are two others). You might be able to get in at Dino, which is very good and has a great wine list - and is not nearly as expensive as Obelisk.

        I agree with the recommendation for Brasserie Beck - wonderful mussels and frites, among other things, and a great Belgian beer list.

        Rasika is a very creative take on Indian food and is unique to DC - but again I think you'll have the last minute reservation problem here, especially for a larger group. If you are alone or maybe with one other person you should be able to sit at the bar.

        Zaytinia (Mediterranean) and Jaleo (Spanish tapas) are both good and might be able to accommodate you.

        Any additional guidelines (location, types of food other than Italian that would be acceptable) would be appreciated!

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        1. re: woodleyparkhound

          Second for Obelisk. Worth a call. (202) 872-1180. It's also very close to the Palomar (one of my favorite properties).

          1. re: georgetownronin

            That sounds good,(Obelisk) I am alone on Wednesday for it a good place to go alone? Unless some CH would join me. heh.

            I have reservations for Cafe Milano on Tuesday...and Thursday is still up in the air.

            I do plan lunches at the other places you guys gave me. Yay!

            Cafe Milano
            3251 Prospect St NW, Washington, DC 20007

        2. Palena (you must go here, get reservations for the back room)

          And then loads of other places to choose....
          Brasserie Beck
          Blue Duck Tavern
          Kaz Sushi Bistro
          Taberna del Alabardero

          Two high end places that others swoon over are CityZen and Restaurant Eve. I find them to be very good, but not nearly as swoon-worthy as Palena and Komi

          1. Hello everyone and thank you! I am definately going to try out a few, on one eve, I am going to be alone, I would rather not go too far from the Hotel, its either the Mandarin or Palomar, depending on the nights.

            I am truly excited to be spending those fine days in your city.

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            1. re: Richelle

              If you are at the Mandarin and all by yourself, the bar at CityZen is a good choice, and right in the hotel.

              1. re: ktmoomau

                I shall be there....worry not..checking out martinis! That be Wednesday when I am on my own....should a chowhound come around.

                Alright, I am just about to start on reservations....lord, I am excited.

                1. re: Richelle

                  Can't argue with martinis at the bar at CityZen -- a great place. But, if you're in search of a quiet place where the emphasis is more on food than atmosphere, I'd steer you back to Obelisk (a block from Palomar). If you're staying at Mandarin, CityZen is the more convenient option. And, dinner at Obelisk is much more of an investment in food and time -- only option is a wonderful 5 course meal at starts with antipasti. Then, pasta, entree, cheese and dessert. Come hungry. Leave dazzled.

                  CityZen Restaurant
                  1330 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20024