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Mar 15, 2010 03:06 PM

All you can eat buffet by Mall of America

Looking for an all you can eat buffet close to the MOA. I will be going to the MOA with three teenagers who love to eat.

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  1. The only place I can recommend in all of Bloomington that is AYCE is 98 Pounds Buffet. It is a very good Chinese buffet with a nice mix of authentic and Americanized Chinese food. Lots of seafood too. And often good stuff like crawfish and chicken feet that you can't get many other places. But like all buffets, it has the ice cream and salad bar too.

    It is located at 824 W 98th Street in Bloomington.

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    1. re: churchka

      Kabob's on 78th and Portland has a $5 lunch buffet, and cheap food generally. What is it the teenagers love to eat?

      1. re: churchka

        Second the recommendation on 98 Pounds. We were just there tonight. They even had giant Alaskan King Crab legs on the buffet (not snow crab) tonight. It's several dollars more expensive than other Chinese buffets in town, but it's worth it particularly if you eat sushi.

        1. re: TDS1

          Love 98 Pounds!!! We go there at least once a month (w/2 teenagers). It is worth the money (about $15 per person).

      2. Khan's Mongolian BBQ is AYCE and near the MOA, if you want a different take on AYCE.

        Khan's Mongolian BBQ
        500 E 78th St
        Minneapolis, MN 55423
        (612) 861-7991

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        1. re: frittering_away

          Is it AYCE? If so, that is a change from the past. Most Chinese buffets have a Mongolian BBQ thing going, and aren't as expensive.

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            There has always been an AYCE option at Khan's and it has a full liquor license which I view as a plus.

            1. re: frittering_away

              Lunch at Khan's is one trip through the line but you can fill your bowl as much as you want, or can.

              Dinner you can go through as many times as you want.

              With both you get soup and appetizers. Even with the lunch option there is plenty of food.

        2. Q. Cumbers in the Southdale area of Edina is an American foods buffet place where you can actually eat healthy (if you choose of course ;) ).

          1. There is a Old Country Buffet at 66th & Lyndale. You know what you get there so I'll spare the description.

            1. If you're willing to drive to Penn, try Hunan behind Southtown shopping center (behind Red Lobster). They have an AYCE on Friday and Sat night for dinner. You can also order off the menu if the adults want some thing different, but the buffet is decent, just not very diversified.

              The price is reasonable if I recall, wanna say $9.99 but don't quote me.