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Mar 15, 2010 02:46 PM

Recommendations around the Unviersity of Pittsburgh Area

My teenage son and I are visiting the University of Pittsburgh arriving Sunday afternoon. We're staying at the Holiday Inn next to campus on Lytton Ave. Need recommendation for dinner on Sunday night and late lunch on Monday.

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  1. My son goes to Pitt & we always go to Fuel & Fuddle on Atwood just below Forbes for good food ranging from great salads, burgers to pizza and an interesting beer selection. You could also get a great burger at Tessaro's, or traditional italian at Del's. Del's has had some poor reviews however, but we have dined there several times and have always enjoyed ithe food. I'd recommend Piccolo Forno, but they are closed Sundays & Mondays.

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      How about the "O" (Original Hot Dog).. great dogs and the best fries (get a small order if you go lol).

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        there is a small restaurant row on Craig St. b/w Fifth & Forbes with Star of India, Lu Lu's Noodles as well as Middle Eastern and others. Not too far away is the neighborhood
        Shadyside. Lots of restaurants on Walnut & Ellsworth. I like Girasole off of Walnut and there is good gelato in same building.

        Star of India
        412 S Craig St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

        733 Copeland St Ste 1, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

    2. Depends on what you're looking for.

      There's a lot of ethic places in Oakland and Atwood Street has many of them. Mad Mex ( and Spice Island Tea House are nice. As mentioned by bobygee, Fuel and Fuddle is a campus hangout with good American/Bar food.

      South Craig Street is another concentration of campus hangouts (both Pitt and CMU students). Union Grill ( is popular for some good comfort food.

      As 42duffy wrote, Shadyside offers some other options. It just outside walking distance (well, not really, it's only one mile down Fifth Avenue). Harris Grill on Ellsworth Ave has a nice porch if the weather allows. I also agree with Girasole. Walnut Street is one of the City's high-end retail streets; Ellsworth's more diverse.

      Exploring South Oakland, Walnut Street, Ellsworth Avenue, and South Craig Street will give you a good impression of the neighborhoods around Pitt. Other popular neighborhoods are Squirrel Hill and Bloomfield.

      Squirrel Hill Cafe
      5802 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

      Spice Island Tea House
      253 Atwood St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

      733 Copeland St Ste 1, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

      Harris Grill
      5747 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

      1. Burma Tokyo on Atwood is a tiny place but solid Burmese/Cambodian food (note - they have specials from pretty much every Asian country plus sushi, but the owners are Burmese and really proud of their country's food - and it shows, so stick with that).

        Donar Kebab on Semple is also a great little dive of a Turkish kebab house. Tasty stuff, if not particularly filling.

        If you're kid is planning on attending Pitt, he'll get plenty of opportunities to get to the "O". I don't recommend it for parents ;-)