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Italian in NOLA???

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Crazy, I know, but last year a bartender recomended an italian restaurant about a 15 minute cab ride north (I think) from the FQ and it was great for our big group of conventioners that needed to eat good and reasonably. I just cannot recall the name! Help!

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      Sorry, all, I dropped out for a few months. The answer is: Venezia on North Carrolton. We did go back there with a group of 12 and they did a fine job in every way. The place is not stylish at all - just solid red sauce and pizza. All good. Thanks for your efforts.

        1. Vincent's? Andrea's? Impastato's? (God forbid.)

          1. They are referring to Mosca's, but recent reports on CH have said it's overrated. I've never been so I can't tell ya.

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            1. re: shanefink

              That sounds a little off to me. Mosca's is at least 25-30 minutes from the French Quarter by car, and definitely not north. I would guess something more along the lines of Drago's.

              1. re: uptownlibrarian

                Agree. Most likely not Mosca's. It's just too far away to recommend for a cab ride. The ride alone would cost 100 bucks each way. I'm guessing Mandina's. Or somewhere in Metairie.

                1. re: N.O.Food

                  My guess is Andrea's and while I agree no one would use N/E/S/W the nbartender might be new...Andrea's is not "north" by anymeans but I guess you'd call it Up River which, eventually, gets you north..after a fashion....

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                  yeah cant be Mosca's. i dont think Drago's either since that isnt italian.

              2. I doubt the bartender would have given a direction and that is why he can't recall it. Locals never use north, south, east, west. I would bet anything he's referring to Mosca's.

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                  Mosca's is almost 30 minutes away tho, and it feels really remote and not at all near the FQ. arent there some italian places in metarie? Vincent's?

                2. Please describe the neighborhood and the restaurant. Cash only? Casual? Only Italian food? Creole-Italian food? Seafood? Large or small dining room. What did y'all eat?

                  1. Ristorante Filippo's on Ridgelake Dr. in Metairie was a very pleasant surprise when we ate there for lunch several months ago. The food is very good and seafood very fresh. The staff is very nice and accomodating. I also love the atmosphere, like a small supper club. Great for lunch or dinner.

                    Ristorante Filippo
                    1917 Ridgelake Dr, Metairie, LA 70001

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                    1. re: Liz Gober

                      Agreed that Ristorate Filippo is a good choice. I also like...


                      And I've heard good things about:

                      Eleven 79

                      1. re: nikinik

                        Eleven79 has been great the couple times ive been. the pastas were perfect. great atmosphere and good service.

                        i love irene's and used to like Tommy's but multiple friends have given me negative reports about Tommy's (cold food, poor meat). will have to investigate.

                        maximo's has never impressed me and it doesnt even register when i think italian. love the space but not sure i get its popularity w/ locals. pre-K nostalgia?

                        1. re: kibbles

                          Agree with Kibbles RE: eleven79, Maximos. Never been a fan of Tommy's but love Irene's.

                    2. Oh, I can't believe I forgot to mention Eleven79. It's our "go to" place on any given night being just a block from home. It's wonderfully consistant and the seafood is always super fresh. Love, love, love it.

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                      1. re: Liz Gober

                        Maximo's!!!! Such delicious Italian! And also Adolfo's on Frenchmen. Eleven79 if you are in the mood to pay an arm and a leg.

                        1. re: Liz Gober

                          Me too: love Eleven79, one of the few places I've ever gotten really tender grilled calamari. And I always forget about it. (The curse of having too many good places to eat, I guess.)

                        2. The OP needs to state how much he was drinking as that could affect how long time wise the drive felt. lol For all we know it could have been Liuzza's on Bienville or Venezia, but I'd be betting on one of the places in Metry.

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                            Agreed. Maybe the bartender said 15 minute streetcar ride, or 5 minute cab ride, or any number of permutations on what OP remembers. I know I can't be trusted after a couple of cocktails, or at all really. Every time I go to NYC, I have this conversation: "It's a Chinese place...in Chinatown...down some steps...I really like the spareribs?" As if that's helpful in any way. (And yes, it's Hop Kee, which I recognized when it was on Bourdain last year.) Anyway, let's hear more from the OP on his experience at this alleged Italian restaurant, and I'm sure someone will be able to identify it.

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                              Congratulations to roro1831...only one to mention Venezia. You should get a free Wop Salad

                              1. re: hazelhurst

                                I'll take you up on that on my next visit home. lol

                                1. re: hazelhurst

                                  For a recipe for a New Orleans "Wop Salad" and an explanation where the name came from see:

                                  1. re: speyerer

                                    Was that for the non New Orleanians on here? I'm making a wop salad this weekend. I'd kill for one from Come Back Inn

                                    Come Back Inn
                                    8016 W Metairie Ave, Metairie, LA 70003

                                    1. re: roro1831

                                      Believe it or not, not everyone knows what a "Wop Salad" is. Even your Come Back Inn salad for which you would "kill" for is listed as an "Italian Salad".
                                      Please see their menu.
                                      Also many, many non residents of New Orleans frequent this site. Check today's most recent posts in the Chowhound NEW ORLEANS Tips for Dining, Eating, and Food Shopping in New Orleans

                                1. As others have pointed out, we need moreinfo. Was it:
                                  --A one-story brick ranch style, looks-like-somebody's-home-from-the-outside, place, in a residential neighborhood, dimly lit and quietish inside, with the bar in a separate room off to the side of the big main dining room?
                                  --A Victorian style house, nestled practically under the bridge, in a dimly lit area, near garages/warehouses, where you walk into the place, up a couple of steps, and into the bar?
                                  --Was it a run down, dusty wood floored roadhouse ind of place? In a remote-seeming area? Did you cross the River to get to it?
                                  --A non-descript restaurant looking building in an area w/other businesses?

                                  How many were in your group? Was it a strictly Italian place?

                                  1. Did the bartender just recommend it but you didn't make it there...or did you actually go to said establishment?