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Mar 15, 2010 02:32 PM

RestaurantweekDisappointmentHotelThayer/What restaurantshave u triedand what do you think

I went with 2 friends for lunch today to the Hotel Thayer. I always wanted to go for the view. We saw the restaurant week menu on line and didn't like it all that much but wanted to go because we've never been.
Besides the retaurant week menu they had a buffet, which was about 2 dollars cheaper and we went for that. That was mediocre at best. If there restaurant week menu was better, they had for appetizers shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon etc. I think restaurant week should be a time they show up their food. I thought they had changed from what I remember people saying about it years ago. Very disappointing, blah food. I'm going to Restaurant 42 on Sunday night I hope that is good.
What have people been feeling about the restaurants they have been to. Although i think this is the beginning. Just curious

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  1. There's already an ongoing thread about HV Restaurant Week. Check it out here: