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Mar 15, 2010 01:15 PM

Zeppole Reco's....anybody?

Hey there,

This past weekend I tried some of the zeppole (zeppoles? Not sure of the plural) from Tre Mari bakery. I was disappointed to say the least. They had 3 kinds (vanilla, chocolate, & ricotta cream) and they were all so blah.

I used to get the ones from Sweet Boutique in Woodbridge (it's close to work) but I would like to find something a little closer to home (St.Clair West area), and something not so pricey.

Any suggestions?

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  1. You're in luck. Got back from T.O. (my hometown) just last night. Went to Tre Mari Bakery on St. Clair (between Dufferin and Lansdowne) Sunday afternoon to buy some zeppole for the family. Purchased both vanilla and chocolate. The pastry and cream were extremely light and freshly made, as they should be. They even got 2 thumbs up from nonna!

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    1. re: Auntie Anna

      Thanks AA, but actually, I was looking for something other than Tre Mari.

      Tre Mari is close to me, but their zeppole tasted off. Specifically the cream, tasted (to me at least) like they used that oil-based stuff that doesn't go bad.

      If there is anything else, I would dearly appreciate it.

      1. re: Lazar

        Mmm... my mother-in-law makes great zeppole (not very helpful, I know!). I'd love to know where we can get some too!

        1. re: sway

          ...where does you mother-in-law live? Just kidding

          Actually, I have been able to find zeppole all the way up here in da 'Bridge (Woodbridge). As I said before, Sweet Boutique makes awesome zeppole (although a bit on the pricier side, but they are huge, and have whole amarena cherries as garnish ).

          AND, a Nino D'Aversa just opened up at the strip mall on the NorthWest corner of the Jane and Rutherford. Huge location, just opened today and they had zeppole. The had baked and fried, so I got 2 of each.

          I do wish that I could find a reliable local bakery/pasticcerria. There are only a couple of weeks left before they are gone.

    2. You could try Messina on Scarlett at St. Clair.

      1. Sadly you won't find any where in Toronto that makes good ones. I live down the street from Tre Mari and the pastries there are for the most part not good.

        The best place for Zeppole or Italian pastries is in Missisauga. La Sem is the best and well worth the drive. Just make sure you ask for ones made the day off. If the ones on display are not fresh they will get some from the back or better yet you can pre order 1/2 a dozen or so and get them put aside.

        There is also a new place across the street that opened up that makes them as well. The pastry chef used to be the pastry chef at La Sem. I can't rember the name, sorry.

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        1. re: lolo

          Dufferin and Glen Park Ave. Bakery on the south east corner not sure of the name but they sell a ton of them. It's south of Lawrence. They have ZEPPOLE on the front window.

          1. re: lolo

            The name of the bakery across from La Sem opened by the old pastry chef is Irene's Celebrity Cakes.

            La Sem
            1275 Eglinton Ave E, Mississauga, ON L4W, CA

          2. Sadly, the one bakery I checked today (in Oshawa, of all places) was sold out. I would love to order some on the 19th of March itself (I'm such a procrastinator) -- will be trying Sanremo (normally I dislike their pastries but you never know!) or La Sem as I prefer a south/west rec. Italian bakeries are a dime a dozen in Peel Region so that may be a good bet. May also try phoning Commisso Brothers and a bakery on College Street.

            Or how about Messina on Scarlett near St. Clair W.?

            Price is probably linked to quality in the case of zeppole ingredients - and best eaten the same day. What a great way to celebrate the patron saint of Canada, fathers, carpenters, social justice, and (unofficially) real estate sales!

            La Sem
            1275 Eglinton Ave E, Mississauga, ON L4W, CA

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            1. re: Food Tourist

              I got mine today at Riviera Bakery on College Street - light, crispy, fresh whipped cream or custard, topped with cinnamon sugar and only $3 each! They come in 3 styles - traditional (whipped cream with a bit of custard mixed in), custard only, or baked (instead of fried). Definitely recommended whether or not you are celebrating St. Joseph!

              The owner of Lit on College said she gets hers from LaRose Bakery in Etobicoke.

              1. re: Food Tourist

                The Highland Farms on Supertest Road has them ($2.75) in cream or ricotta flavours, and they are very good.

              2. re: Food Tourist

                A place in the 'Shwa? Where? What? How? When?

                If you have a name and address, I would be most grateful...gonna be in the east tonight

                1. re: Lazar

                  I think it is called Bakers Table at 227 Bloor East (905) 435-1036 but I'm doubtful they would have any left.

                  Bakers Table
                  227 Bloor St E, Oshawa, ON L1H3M3, CA

                  1. re: Food Tourist

                    Just confirming that The Baker's Table zeppole are outrageously good. They stand way above any of their other baked goods. If you're a fan and can make your way here, you won't regret it.

              3. I saw some the weekend at Highland Farms (Warden / Ellesmere ). I cannot comment on the quality.

                Highland Farms
                850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA