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West Village Favorites?

Hi All,

Just moved to the W. Vill and looking for some under the radar suggestions. I'm a big Italian and Japanese food fan, but looking to try anything delicious, especially great lunch/brunch places. Any picks in the southwesterly portion of the neighborhood are also appreciated!

Some places I've tried that I like in the area:

Market Table
Do Hwa
Murray's for sandwiches

And what do people think of the following?

EN Brasserie
Centro Vinoteca


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  1. Commerce is one of my go to recomendations and favorite places to dine recently. The street its on is like something out of a movie. Certainly not a NYC block. The food is excellent with generous portions. The only downfall is how packed it is on the weekends.
    EN Brasserie was hugely dissapointing. We ordered a ton of food and overall nothing impressed. Was way overpriced compared to the qualty of the food.

    1. definitely not under the radar, but Sevilla is nearby and always reliable. i'm sure there will be some negative comments from the board, but their Arroz con Pollo is delicious and can feed you for three meals. my favorite is their mushrooms in garlic sauce.

      Havana Alma de Cuba is also a great option for a lively brunch or dinner. one of my favorites to take visitors.

      i also frequent Lederhosen for great beers and bratwurst.

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        Second Sevilla--chicken ajillo is excellent...Go on Mondays or Tuesdays to avoid crowds...

      2. i dont like malatesta...i dont think the pasta is made in house and the service is pretty mediocre. on the northern side of the neighborhood is da andrea, my go to for straight, inexpensive, and delicious italian. crowd is on the older side but the food is all amazing.

        for italian on the upscale tip, the pasta at dell'anima is fantastic. i drool everytime i eat their carbonara.

        ushiwakamaru is my sushi joint. the fish is impeccable, the service is great, and its a great crowd. on some nights, it surpasses recent meals at sushi yasuda to me. prices are 1/2-1/3 the price of yasuda.

        centro vinoteca is on its last legs. chef changes, management screw ups. i havent been there in 2 years and it wasnt really good then either.

        you'll need to familiarize yrself with moustache for middle eastern, grand sichuan on 7th ave south (though admittedly not the best in the mini chain), westville for everything from salads to burgers, and 'ino for small plates and panini.

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            I'll second Crispo and add Perilla and Bar Blanc. And for lunch/brunch Perry St is a fantastic deal.

          2. My fav: Blue Ribbon Downing Street Wine Bar (Downing and Bedford). Directly across the street from Blue Ribbon Bakery (which is also great). I like Cabrito's happy hour tacos and booze specials. Way West Village, Tortilla Flats for... for... well, for fun and booze. Also way West village, Yerba Buena Perry Street and of course, Spotted Pig for a late lunch at either of the bars (down, upstairs).

            1. Ushi is good for sushi. Don't bother with EN Brasserie.

              1. Malatesta is cheap and a lovely neighborhood spot, but the food is only ok. Ingredients are not the best and not reliably fresh.
                You will love L'Artusi, great Italian at a reasonable price with a great wine list.
                Extra Virgin is also a wonderful French/Italian/Mediterranean bistro stand-by. I've never been for brunch, though I hear it's very good. The dinner is energetic and delicious.
                Pearl Oyster Bar and Mary's Fish Camp are fantastic in the seafood department.
                Little Owl is ok but overrated and good luck getting in.
                The outdoor garden at August is a must in the summertime - well-executed French country standards under the stars - aaaah!
                Grey Dog's is the best bet for cheap and awesome (albeit very collegiate) lunch and brunch.
                Don't forget Keste for pizza!

                1. Morandi for brunch. It also has outdoor space for the summer.
                  Las Ramblas for tapas.

                  1. I second Las Ramblas. It is a very good tapas place. Plus they are super nice in there even though it a small, busy place.

                    West Village is a great place for pizza. I also second Keste. You can get Naples style pizza at Keste, No. 28 and Pizza Mezzaluna. NY Style coal oven at John's of Bleecker and Arturos.

                    Gelato is great at L'Arte del Gelato and Grom.

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                    1. re: boccalupo

                      I Sodi
                      Extra Virgin
                      Pearl Oyster
                      Blue Ribbon Bakery
                      Spotted Pig

                      Pearl Oyster Bar
                      18 Cornelia St, New York, NY 10014

                      Spotted Pig
                      314 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014

                      Blue Ribbon Bakery
                      33 Bedford St, New York, NY 10014

                      Extra Virgin
                      259 W 4th St, New York, NY 10014

                      I Sodi
                      105 Christopher St, New York, NY 10014