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Mar 15, 2010 01:06 PM

Where to find spring ramps downtown

Has anyone seen ramps yet? Also looking for farmers market suggestions for mid week downtown.


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  1. Haven't seen them yet, but they should be coming soon. You'll find them at Dufferin Grove for sure, that happens on Thursday.

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    1. Watch who you buy your ramps from and avoid anyone who just goes out and forages them in the wild, over-harvesting is concern. It takes a few years for a ramp plant to reach maturity and when you pick them you pull the bulb so that's it. You only want to pick a portion of any patch each year so the remaining plants have the ability to divide and replace the loss. Even if the first person to some along only takes a replaceable amount it only takes a second forager to come along to significantly knock back a population. The reputable suppliers will be picking from patches on private property where they manage the annual take. Same goes for fiddleheads, if you take more than 1/3 of the bracts you can kill the plant. Most of the fiddleheads one sees in stores are farmed in Quebec and are not a wild crop.

      Wild foraged mushrooms on the other hand? go for it, you're not killing the mother fungus when you pick those. I have heard that fresh morels have started to show up in the city this week!!!

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        There are fresh morels, and fresh hedgehog mushrooms (i was surprised!) at Fiesta Farms right now.

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          Thank you bytepusher. Very informative. I was talking to a farmer in Creemore this past weekend actually who told me that ramps and spring leek crops should only be harvested in five year rotations to avoid depletion.

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            Thanks for this. They're just not sustainable if taken by what amounts to poaching off private land where ramps still survive.

          2. You'd better keep your jets cool for at least another month or more. Around here - just south of Peterborough - the ramps won't be ready until late April/early May. So if you're hoping for a local crop, you're way early. The ground is still frozen in most places, and there's still plenty of ice in other spots.

            1. I think it's early for ramps, but just seeing your post warms my heart.

              Spring has to be right around the corner, especially with the glorious weather this week!

              1. Dufferin Grove for certain, but go early cause they'll sell out. If you subscribe to the market e-news or check the website , you'll find out on Wed if they'll be at the Thurs market.


                I'll be making Keith Frogget's morel and wild leek quiche as soon as they're here.


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                    Sosnicki's has fresh cultivated leeks at the market today...wild ones should be around the corner.