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Mar 15, 2010 12:59 PM

Excellent canned sardines in Paris: where to buy?

What is the best Paris shop for excellent canned sardines? I could go to Galeries Lafayette or to Bon Marche, but perhaps someone knows of a specialist who has wonderful ones made with particularly good oil and, of course, from fresh, not frozen, fish.

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  1. wow, synchronicity!!

    I had a quick week-end in Paris and while shopping for Wine at La Cremerie (9 Rue des Quatre-Vents, 6th) I also bought some sardines :

    Sardines à la Luzienne (piment d'espelette & jambon de bayonne) (they have other flavours and some plain ones). about 18E for a pack of 5 cans (if I remember correctly).

    I'm nibbling on them now, very good and tasty.

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      Thank you, Maximilien. I'd been thinking to be a purist and seek out only plain ones in olive oil, but those sound like something I wouldn't want to miss.

      Since I posted, I've run across this place: La Petite Chaloupe, near Gobelins. It is said that they have the best selection of Breton sardines in Paris. Anyone know it?

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        I get a bit jittery when "best of" pop's up, but never count out G. Detou on rue Tiquetonne.

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        We had opportunity to taste many flavored (espelette, mustard, tomato/basil etc.) sardines in St. Jean de Luz. Would prefer to season premium sardines at home.

        The packs that we look are those that indicate both the name of the fishing boat and the catch date. These fish can be held like wine as many connoisseurs like them aged. Example: Label Rouge Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie. (I have "salted" away a handful of cans and will let you know how/as they turn out. :))

      3. According to last week's Figaroscope, La Conserverie is the place to go.
        37 bis, rue du Sentier. 2nd arr. Open daily except Sunday 6 PM to 2 AM.

        1. I get mine from Naturalia, the health/organic stores. My favorite brands are "Phare d'Eckmühl" (maybe because it is also one of my favourites places on earth) and "Conserverie Océane".

          1. I only eat Titus (hot spicy) ones from Morocco that I buy in my local Arab bodega.

            John Talbott

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              re mangeur and Sardines "millésimées" (dated and aged Sardines). The Spanish and Portugeese are into these. You can find Portugese stalls on markets in more working-class neighbourhoods.

              "Connetable", a French brand also market these specially aged fish- I've read of them being refferred to as "le foie gras de la mer" - as their "argent" (silver) brand. Even though you can find normal (and very good) Connetable sardines in most supermarkets, I've never seen these "gourmet" ones.

              Re sardines and olive oil: a "purist" from the North of France wouldn't eat their sardines - or a lot of things for that matter - in olive oil.

              1. re: vielleanglaise

                Just a quick report. The food department at Galeries Lafayette had an excellent selection, far beyond what I'd imagined they'd have.