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Mar 15, 2010 12:54 PM

Does anyone know how to make Lancusi?

I had lunch at a Bolognese restaurant in Milan last week and had a fabulous dessert called lancusi. I believe it is Sicilian. It is a frozen sorbet/gelato made from nuts and fruits and then put back into the "shell" of the original nut or fruit.

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  1. Just make sorbet with some cream. It originates from here http://www.gelateriamatteo.com/ However in the US, you can buy the same thing more or less from anywhere that carries the desserts from Bindi http://www.bindiusa.com/product.asp?c... . Even Costco carries a box of it with different fruits for about $13, I forgot the brand. 'Twas delish! I think it's year round.

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      Yes, Matteo Napoli is famous for his wild flavours (like fennel, pizza, and pasta e fagioli) and supplies restaurants with his gelato. The desserts you tried are called fruttini.
      From an interview with him, I found some tips on gelato making:
      - Don't use added fats, only fresh milk. (NOT CREAM)
      - Use only high quality fresh fruits and vegetables and natural flavors.
      - Use invert sugar.
      - Use only fresh lemon juice and baking soda (not HCL).

      If you can find Caio Bella in your local Whole Foods, they make a very excellent product.
      Hope this helps!