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Mar 15, 2010 11:52 AM

Private dinner for 30-40 at Jane, The Smith, or Virgil's?

We're trying to find a venue for a wedding rehearsal dinner for 30-40 people on a Friday night. We're hoping for a private room, and to pay something in the vicinity of $50-60 per person (before tax/tip) including drinks if possible.
Has anyone rented out a private room at Jane or The Smith? I haven't been to either restaurant but the menus look interesting enough... At The Smith it seems to be $35 or $45 per person depending on how many entree choices you want to offer, and at Jane it's $55. Both places charge drinks on consumption.
We are also looking at Virgil's for famly-style platters of BBQ, where it would be $55 per person including soda, wine, and beer... We've looked at other BBQ places but this seems like it would be the calmest atmospher and would have a space to accommodate a party of our size.
Does anyone have any experience having private dinners at any of these places? Or any other suggestions for places with private dining areas for 30-40 people that we haven't thought of? We are open to anything except Italian/pizza!

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  1. We had our wedding rehearsal dinner at Jane about 5.5 years ago. Given the whirlwind of the planning I do not really recall any of the details except that we spent about 50-60 pp (pre tax/tip), the food was excellent, the folks working there were very gracious and everyone had a fantastic time.

    I am kind of ashamed that I cannot remember the menu better but we had a monkfish dish that my wife loved and a preparation of gnocci.