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Mar 15, 2010 11:42 AM

Edmonton: Best Indian Buffet

So my first post on CHOW! I did a quick search and couldnt find this topic so I thought I would ask. I was originally born in England, moved here when I was 5, but still have curry coursing through my veins.

Here are the ones that I have been too

New Asian Village - Westend - Dinner: Good but not remarkable.
Haweli - Downtown - Lunch: I used to love this place, I like their butter chicken, but i seem to have gone off it recently, also i find their buffet quite small in comparison to others that I have been too
Khazana - Downtown - Lunch: Good selection good food
Rasoi - Southside - Lunch: Was decent, again I didnt find it that remarkable
India Grill - Southside - Lunch & Dinner: This is my current favourite, huge selection, good price, seems more authentic to me, they dont hold back the spice (but what do i know).

Anyways please share your experiences :)



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  1. Here is a link to one of our reviews of the month: might help you out.

    1. My favourite used to my Maurya Palace. Last time I went, it seemed to have slipped. Still good but seemed like there were fewer choices. I think their pakoras are really good.

      Also went to New Asian Village Sask. Drive last week and the renos are done and it looks really nice. The buffet line is much improved - no steam table any more -- instead lovely brass pots. The lamb stew/curry was the highlight. Butter chicken OK. And sadly no paneer that day. The smaller pots mean that food is refreshed more often which is a good thing.

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        Zaika in the south side (see Cleopatra's link above)

        Taste of India in Sherwood Park

        Both get my vote.

        1. re: foodiesnorth

          still loving Zaika. as are everyone I have taken there, and the 2 dozen people at my wife's birthday party that we had them cater (where many raved that it was the best butter chicken they have had...)

          1. re: Dan G

            I've never been to Zaika but look forward to trying it. Thanks for the suggestion!

            1. re: mianoelle

              Yes I think I also will have to try :)

          2. re: foodiesnorth

            Based on the praise here, I went to give Zaika a try today -- superb! My only complaint is that I've been slow and lethargic for the rest of the day from eating way too much of that wonderful butter chicken (but I guess that's my problem, not Zaika's).

            Another one that I like on the East side of town is the India Garden, right behind Shaw cable on 76th Ave and about 50th street. (Good place to take a big group, since they expand out into a banquet facility.)


            1. re: cwant

              The parents of one of the owners of Zaika own India Garden. I think they have a decent buffet, but prefer Zaika. India Garden is a shorter drive for most poople though, and is better than Zaika at a few items. I like their pickles a lot.

              1. re: itwillmakeaturd

                "poople" LMAO!!

                Okay, now I have to try Zaika :P

                1. re: livetocook

                  Just a heads up that you might want to call before you go, went by a couple of days ago and they were closed because they had some flooding issue and were doing repairs.

        2. I take liking Indian Grill and Banquets back. 100%.

          Here is my recent urban spoon review.

          Wow what can I say. This place has really gone down hill in the last year. I occasionally work at a neighbouring business so I like to stop in once in a while to catch the dinner buffet - and let me tell you last night not only was the food incredibly bland but actually pretty gross. A year or so they used to specialize in veg curry and even have a veg curry buffet night. Last night they didn't even have a Channa masala, just what seemed to be frozen veg in an unappealing bland sauce. Most of the veg was cream sauce and none were good. Only tried the butter chicken out of the meat selections which was rather unremarkable. The server was annoying and kept trying to make small chit chat jokingly but it actually came off a rather demeaning and I also noticed one of the chefs walking around in his hat sans kitchen whites with an oilers shirt spotted with curry dribbles all down it. Really unsanitary. But wait, I save the beat for last, among the unimaginative crap they had thrown together and called a salad bar were Saran wrapped ham and cheese sandwiches! Seriously, what is this -- a truckstop? For three buffets and three beers the whole thing came to about $100. What a joke, save your money for zaika or khazana.

          Indian Grill & Banquets
          4620-99 Street, Edmonton, AB T6E 5H5, CA

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          1. re: kati3

            Thanks for sharing this - I was considering going here at a time, but no longer. Does anyone have anything to add regarding Origin India on Whyte?

            Origin India
            10511 82 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A3, CA

          2. My fav Indian buffet is Zaika as well. Love, LOVE the fish pakora but they are best when fresh and not for take out. A big plus is that Zaika changes their buffet selection. I find their butter chicken could be a bit spicier (guess mild is safer for buffet) but has lots of flavour depth.

            If they have the warm pudding that tastes like carrot cake, it's incredible.

            I also like Khazana's (love their Salmon tandoori) but have never had the buffet there.

            1. It's been a while, but I used to adore the buffet at Maurya Palace on 34 Ave.