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Mar 15, 2010 11:16 AM

Richmond alum seeks meal rec

I'll be in town for one weekend next month and will have one dinner and possibly one brunch slot available. I'm looking for an original dining experience with amazing cocktails and even better dessert. My faves back in the late 90s were Kuba Kuba, Mamma Zu's and Zeus Gallery. A bit of research shows that Black Sheep might be a candidate. Any thoughts? Also, I'd like to go back to Kuba Kuba for b'fast (have only had lunch and dinner there), but I'm bringing someone who only eats sweet carbs in the morning. Will there be options for him? I checked online but I only found the dinner menu. Thank you!

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  1. I don't think Kuba Kuba will have sweet carbs aside from tres leche cake :-) Black Sheep isn't going to have amazing cocktails (I believe it's just beer and wine) but would be good for brunch...I think they have something sweet (check their site). Can Can in Carytown has a very good brunch also and LOTS of carbs...hehe.

    For dinner Sensi and Millie's Diner are the first two places that come to mind. As well as Comfort (fabulous Bourbon selection and their banana pudding creme brulee alone is worth the trip). Sensi is sleek and has a great bar, wonderful food (their veal chop kicks ass) and terrific desserts, including a sampler.

    1. Acacia Mid-Town would easily meet your requirements. Dale Reitzer was recently nominated for a Mid-Atlantice James Beard Foundation award, a reflection of what is putting on plates every night. They also have one of the most inventive cocktails around. Also consider Six Burner, whose new chef is fanatastic and cocktails, while not as cool as Acacia, are still a lot of fun.

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        Thank you both!! I think I might try Can Can for brunch. As for dinner, I'm torn between Millie's and Acacia. Which of these has a more funky, laidback vibe?

        1. re: schtroumpfette

          I love both Millies and Acacia but I think Millies is more laid back and funky than Acacia. Acacia is more modern, sleek, stark.

          1. re: Racheleats

            I agree, Millie's is definitely more funky and laid back (in a good way)

            1. re: Janet from Richmond

              I love Millies but am not a fan of waiting. While it has a great "indy" vibe, you're gonna wait, but it'll be worth it. Acacia is more "cosmo", and it takes reservations. It's cool inside and very not-Richmond.

              1. re: nyctripper

                i just did the tasting menu with friends at six burner last week and loved it.