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Mar 15, 2010 11:12 AM

Best Doughnuts in Vegas

I've heard good things about Ronald's. Has anyone been or have any other places to add?


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  1. The donuts in Las Vegas are on a par with BBQ. Avoid at all cost.

    Touting Ronalds as making good donuts is akin to recommending Taco Bell for bean burritos. If you want really good donuts, drive to Los Angeles. I do.

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    1. re: shamu613

      i gotta take issue - the apple fritter at Ronalds can compete with the so cal donut spots.

      Don't get me wrong, i'm a donut man fan ( lived about 3 miles away )
      Loved primo's on the westside ( buttermilk and the cinnamon rolls )
      Bob's @ farmer's mkt
      Stan's in Westwood
      Randy's near LAX


      Are you focused on the westide vs. Eastside ?

      1. re: shamu613

        Spent a long week in Los Angeles at the end of June 2011. (This thread is getting old) Waled into one of my favorite donut shops at 11:00PM one night to see a completely full case and a variety at least quadruple that of any Las Vegas donut shop's selection when they open first thing in the morning.

        This town is dismal when it comes to donuts.

      2. In the Venetian, there is a Boucheon Bakery, right near the entrance from the Palazzo that has great pastry. I picked up two doughnuts that I really liked.

        1. I'm with KJS on this one. I'm very familiar with all of the L.A. places that KJS mentions (Primo's was a childhood hangout and Randy's is walking distance from my brother's) and I think Ronald's offerings are comparable in quality. I haven't had better doughnuts in Vegas since the first couple years of the original location of Lamar's (on far west Sahara).

          1. How 'bout that crazy Donut man @ 3242 E Desert Inn Road???

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            1. re: jackattack

              yes - he's my 2nd fav in town - my office is about 1/2 mile away - he's a character and the donuts are decent.

              1. re: jackattack

                I like his donuts, as well. Donut Tyme on E Charleston can be very good, when fresh (IE: @ 2am!!)

                I wake up too late to ever eat Ronald's donuts. Friends do tell me they are great, tho.

              2. Ronald's easily the best donuts in town...try the apple fritters. It's a cash only spot.

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                1. re: vegasjlt

                  Was in Ronald's hood today. Bought 3 donuts. There one in the pic below was huge. Tasty. A cinnamon twist. Oddly it didn't taste much of cinnamon as I was eating it, but ten minutes later I get a very nice lingering spice.