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Mar 15, 2010 10:38 AM

Former Seattle Resident Makes Her Return - One Week Only!

So, this post is a little different from the "I'm visiting Seattle for 2 days and I need a list and a half of places to go" variety... because I used to live there. For a LONG time... and I (reluctantly) moved about 5 years ago to the coldest, crappiest city known to man. I spent a lot of time in Ballard and will probably go visit some old haunts around the city, but I'm looking for a few "hey, you already know the area and what's good - here's a few places you might like since you've been gone". (although I'll probably just camp out in front of Cafe Besalu all week) :-) Nothing "Canlis-fancy", just someplace I can perhaps sidle up to the bar and grab a nice beer and a great bite to eat in comfortable surroundings.

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  1. Ideas-
    Quinn's (CH)
    Oddfellows Cafe (CH)
    Lunchbox Labratory (Ballard)
    Serious Pie (Belltown)
    Bastille (Ballard)
    Spring Hill (West Seattle)

    1. Elemental Next Door for lovely small meals and an extensive list of splits.
      Paseo's new location at shilshole.
      Cantinetta, on Wallingford.
      Delancey in Ballard.
      Happy hour at Highlife, off Market street, on Russell.
      DaPino, on 65th.
      Smokin Pete's BBQ in Ballard, on 65th

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      1. re: mrnelso

        Mr. Nelso, could you clarify DaPino for me? I have been looking for a place like this.

        It this Cafe Da Pino, which may or may not also be located somewhere Columbia City area? Same place? Same people? Their website is slightly misleading.

        1. re: Mike CP

          Same place, but moved from Columbia City to the Ravenna neighborhood, at 2207 NE 65th St. I had meant to get down to see them for years, but they decided to come to me, instead.
          The place is tiny - one 4-top and 3 or 4 2-tops.
          We ordered from the special board (the regular menu is mostly sandwiches) = Pesto ravioli, beef and boar stew (meaty to the hearty max). cured meat starter plate (measly, but tasty), tiramisu, lemon custard cake, and 3 small glasses of $6 wine. With a good tip, we were out the door happy, with intention to return soon, for $100.
          I think the word here is "old school." The proprietor inhabits the space and, with help from sons, serves, and cooks.

          1. re: mrnelso

            Just went to Cafe DaPino for lunch today. Got the Salame e Provolone sandwich w/ lettuce tomato and mayo. Sliced on the spot, and placed on good bread. I wish there was a little bit more meat on the sandwhich, but I will definitely go back for more sandwiches and maybe even a dinner.

      2. Pecos Pit BBQ on So. 1st (no beer, lunch only)
        Mike's Chili in Ballard
        Malay Satay Hut

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        1. re: itsonlyfood

          Flying Squirrel Pizza Co.
          Poppy (not cheap, but definitely not "Canlis-fancy", and one can eat at the bar)
          Spring Hill
          Marination Mobile*

          *trucks with variable locations

          DaPino is now in the Roosevelt vicinity.

        2. Thanks everyone - I leave tonight, so I'm already burning up Google w/your suggestions. I laughed when I saw Paseo's new location @ Shilshole... think they'll be open? haha... I used to live near the one on Fremont & it was NEVER open (ok, it was open twice).

          Delancey was already on the list & Mike's is an ol' standby for me... I think you guys knew exactly what I was looking for. Lunchbox looks really fun - I'll have to see if I can find it! Let me just say that it's supposed to SNOW in Milwaukee this weekend... perfect time to get away and go "home". Thanks again.

          1. Hi keltrue! Welcome home! When are you planning your trip? Right now we're in the middle of "dine around Seattle" month (30 restaurants with $30 prix fixe menus), and Seattle Restaurant Week is in mid-April (Canlis included... $25 for three courses!). These events could change your choices-- some folks avoid promo restaurants like the plague, some use them to stretch their budgets and try places they couldn't otherwise afford.

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            1. re: chococat

              Definitely check out Marination Mobile and Skillet. The food is great, but it's also an experience.