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Mar 15, 2010 10:00 AM

Mas (Farmhouse) -- Question


I was thinking of taking my gf to Mas for her birthday, but after reading some reviews, I have some concerns about how close the tables are to one other. Should I pick another restaurant for a romantic evening ?

Thanks very much !

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  1. I think Mas is perfectly romantic. Unless you sit at the communal table, the tables aren't that close together for NYC standards.

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      It's even more than romantic, it's sexy....

    2. We went to Mas for the first time a couple of weeks ago with friends and loved it. The atmosphere was terrific - relaxed but sophisticated; looked like most of the seating for two was face to face, but for four we got a great corner banquette table; service was friendly and knowledgeable; food was excellent - particularly the wagyu steak tartare and the striped bass; and the cocktails and the wines by the glass interesting and fairly priced (and you can byob for $35 corkage!) I had passed by the lovely exterior on Downing St for many years and had often wondered about it...Now that we've finally eaten there, we will return!

      1. i think its an excellent restaurant, i've read the reviews on about the tables being too close together as well. I don't remember having this problem when i went although its not a large restaurant so theorhetically i can imagine a situation where you get someone obnoxious next to you and its annoying, but i won't worry about it i actually love the atmosphere there

        here's my review:

        1. Ask for a corner table in the "inside" room-- I had one, and it was very private.

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            Thank you, Simetrias. We got a corner table in the back room as you suggested. It was private and very comfortable.