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Mar 15, 2010 09:59 AM

Kitchen Arts Closing- where to sharpen knives

Kitchen Arts is closing (which is sad for many reasons) but this leaves me looking for a place to sharpen knives. Any ideas?

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  1. That is very sad - a great store. I love Stoddard's in West Newton - they do a great job and are very reasonably priced.

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    1. re: sallyt

      Anyone know how Stoddard's sharpens knives? Is it on a water stone?

      Put another way, anyone have them sharpen a thin, crazy sharp Japanese knife?

      1. re: rlove

        If it's a Shun, just be sure to tell them to use a 16 degree angle.

        1. re: justbeingpolite

          Not a Shun.

          But I'd be careful to not take a Shun to a place that doesn't hand-sharpen on water stones, either.

        2. re: rlove

          Stoddard's sharpens on a stone and always does a beautiful job, I bring in my Global and always comes out perfect.

        3. re: sallyt

          Not in West Newton - in Nonantum (for those looking for it.)

        4. DA Bucci & Sons, 260 Main Street in Stoneham.

          1. That's too bad. It was a great shop!
            Union Square's Farmer's market has a mobile knife sharpener there on Saturdays.

            Siraco's Sharpening Service
            533 Medford St
            Somerville, MA 02145-2656
            Phone: (617) 628-6071

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            1. re: holldoll

              Have you ever had knives sharpened by them? I did and will never again.

            2. Very bad news. Such a nice store! I get my supply of Red Bear Brass Polish from there- anyuone know of another source??

              1. Anyone know anything about "The Knife Cobbler"?

                It's a good name.

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                1. re: justbeingpolite

                  Yes - I have used him and he does a great job. The only problem is he caters to metrowest. My husband works in Natick, so that is convenient for me. The Knife Cobbler picks up and delivers to the same place the next day. Very convenient and as I said, an excellent sharpening job. Not sure how his prices compare, but I think they are fairly typical.

                  1. re: pariss

                    Thanks for the info. I may give him a shot.

                    1. re: justbeingpolite

                      A shout out to the Knife Cobbler, Jeff Roy, in Framingham. I dropped four knives and a food processor blade off yesterday, and he dropped them off at my house this afternoon. The knives are perfectly sharp (the sharpest they've ever been), and the cost was very reasonable. Thanks for the rec!