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Mar 15, 2010 09:22 AM

any ideas for a goood restaurant dc 50th birthday party 24 guests without breaking the bank

hello, please, i am desperate...thank you!

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  1. first off let's start with, "where are you?"

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    1. re: JRCann

      Hi, sorry, about the delay. I am in MD, close to Bethesda, DC

    2. And, what do you consider bank-breaking? $40 per, $25 per?

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      1. re: weezycom

        Hi! $70 a head (including drinks, taxes) is bank breaking for me.
        Any leads? Thanks!

      2. This is like 20 questions...

        Casual or formal? Any type of food, specifically? Private room? Do you want to stay in Bethesda or how far do you want to travel?

        1. I think Addie's can support that, but it's pushing it. Not sure if Blacksalt has a private room available yet.

          1. I'm not sure about the size of the room (might be a little small), but there is a back room upstairs at Dino. Dino is a very reasonable, fun and friendly Italian restaurant (food everyone likes and great wine list). I was eating dinner there a couple months ago and noticed a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner in the back room and the people were having a ball! We did a group dinner for 10 upstairs (not in the back room) last year for a college reunion and it was fantastic. The owner is so friendly and helped us pick out big trays of 4-5 of his favorite appetizers and wine ahead of time - that way, when guests arrived, they could chat and drink wine and not be in the 'menu reading zone.' Then everyone just ordered entrees off the menu and then we shared dessert. Very reasonable - definitely under your price limit! (although if you keep ordering wine who knows) Don't know if that would work for a group your size - I remember seeing that they had more set menus for larger groups on their website (lots of info on the website if I recall) Just not sure of the size...the room is nice though because it has glass walls so you are part of the action but no one can hear you. I don't normally like 'private rooms' because they tend to be in a basement or lack the ambience of the restaraunt. Not true at Dino! Good luck!