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Mar 15, 2010 08:02 AM

Inca's Kitchen Naples

I've been hearing so much about this restaurant Lana and I finally had to try it. Sorry Ivan, I know we talked about a chowdown here but it was a spur of the moment decision. I'm going to make a bold statement and say this is the best Peruvian food we've ever had. We've been to Peru, although it was years ago. There was a good Peruvian retaurant in Chicago, but that closed years ago. When you get an innovative chef updating traditional recipes, you have food like you are served at Inca's Kitchen. I'm certain there are young chefs now in Peru creating wonderful contemporary Peruvian cuisine but I believe they would be hard pressed to beat some of the dishes we tried.

Insatiable Appetite has a comprehensive review with pictures on his website that I can't top.


Conchitas a la Parmesana was their version of oysters rockefeller, with scallops. The scallops are served in the shell with melted cheese. I have no idea how the cheese had a nice crispiness around the edges but the scallops remained perfectly undercooked and moist. The duo Tiridito would be a dish that Nobu would be proud to serve, with pristine marinated sashimi and 2 excellent sauces.

Lomo saltado had tasty beef and an excellent sauce. Pescado Inca Wari was
another dish with wonderfully cooked seafood, great sauce, and delicious sides.

Picarones with Chirimoya ice cream, Peru's version of crispy donuts, was a perfect end to an amazing meal. My only disappointment was they were out of pisco-no pisco sours. Sigh!

The corn kernels with 3 sauces they set on the table when you are seated are addictive.

There were a slew of other dishes I need to try. We will be back soon, hopefully with a group of Chowhounds if it can be arranged.

Inca's Kitchen, 11985 Collier Blvd - suite 9 Naples, 352- 3200, Tues - Sat: 11:30 am - 9:00 pm; Sunday: 11:00 am - 8:30 pm; closed Monday

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  1. I've been there 5 times in two months-I'm hooked!

    At this price (nearly all under $18) and quality, it's one of the best spots in Florida.

    Chef Rottier's traditional and innovative takes on seafood, beef, and vegetables make it a destination for ANY food lovers, not just those looking for "Peruvian". This is way above the "Peruvian" I've had in the USA or in Peru. Glad you liked Inca's, my current favorite!

    1. i've the pleasure and experience of dining with Ivan there (you just let him go and order--he knows what he's doing) and just hope he either moves or opens another place in N Naples where i'm sure he would do extremely well (enough of the italian places already).

      1. Two of us had the pleasure of dinner at Inca's last Sunday evening. A total five star delight! In addition to the wonderful creative food, I was impressed by the knowledge of our server. She explained everything perfectly, and took wonderful care of us. We'll be back!

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          It's truly one of our "gems" here in Naples....thank God they're here! Really fabulous place! Glad to hear your report, too! I just love the dried corn kernels (chaca?) with dipping sauces for their "giveaway" app...sure beats that tired old bread!

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            Wow! Second time around, this time for lunch. Awesome! I had the wari and grilled veggies. Delightful!

          2. i was running out of things to try at Inca's so i ordered the hamburger. even this different and more flavorful than any burger i've had in a while--and the egg on top was, well, just the topper...

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              I knew I needed an "excuse" to go back, for an eighth time to Inca's Kitchen-now it's for the addition to more super fresh seafood and properly grilled meats and veggies! Zeits, thank you for the heads up!

            2. I was there last week for the third just keeps getting better! Let me know if you get a group together.