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Mar 15, 2010 07:53 AM

Carnegie Hill Indian

Seen outside the former Sachi (sushi) restaurant on Madison Ave. between 94th & 95th Streets: a sign indicating an Indian restaurant coming soon. Could be a welcome addition!

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  1. Walked by this afternoon and grabbed a menu. It's called Maharaja Palace (212 722 8413) and is open Sun-Thu noon-10pm, Fri-Sat til 11pm. Free delivery. Menu looks fairly standard with moderate prices -- chicken entrees $13-14; lamb $15-18, veg $9-11, tandoori dishes $13-20 (latter for the mixed grill). They have a dinner special from 5-9:30pm: $14 for app + entree (various choices) with rice & bread. They also have "lunch box to go" specials from noon-2:45pm @ $6-7. Will give this place a try sometime -- if decent, would be a welcome addition indeed.

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      I went on Friday night, it was packed so they seem to have hit the ground running. I had the prix fixe, very good and a very good deal...nice peppery mullagatawny, tandoori chicken, excellent basmati rice. Many other options on the prix fixe as well as an extensive regular menu. BYOB for now. Nice service and overall a good experience and a repeat. They also have a $9.95 lunch buffet. A great addition to the neighborhood.

    2. Ordered out from Maharaja Palace. Just delicious. The spicing was not at all bland the chicken tandoori was not dried out. The flavors were excellent. Much better and more authentic than Tamarind.
      A real asset to the neighborhood.

      Maharaja Palace
      1350 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10128

      1. I was there again recently. They had been closed for a number of weeks because of a gas leak in the building. A good, reasonable alternative in a neighborhood with few choices. I hope they make it!

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              That's great to know! Thank you!