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Mar 15, 2010 06:37 AM

public transit friendly gems?

So, I've been meaning to post this question for forever. I'm looking for the best suburban/Jersey spots that I can reach by public transportation. I'm sick of hearing about all the same old places right in Philly, but not adventurous enough to just pick a stop on the R5 and start eating my way through unfamiliar territory. So I'd love some public transit friendly-outside Philadelphia suggestions. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever. I think I'm just looking for some good excuses to spend my days out of the city on my days off. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I haven't been there in a while, but Alison Two in Fort Washington was excellent when I was last there, and it's walkable from the Fort Washington stop on the R5 Doylestown line.

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      If you are going to stick to the R5, Ambler would be a good destination as the Ambler train station is right in the center of town. You might want to take a look at Michael Klein's review of new restaurants in Ambler. You have Brigits, From the Boot, Saffron, Dettera Wine Bar. If you like music, go to Shanachie Irish Pub on Tuesday nights for the Session that begins around 8.

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        I'm sorry if I was misleading in mentioning the R5 line. I am open to all transit lines; I was just using the R5 as an example. Thank you for the recommendations, though!

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          R5 Thorndale, Wayne has Teresa's cafe and many other little places right there....actually a very good Thai place if still there in the corner.....Bryn Mawr Tango, greek place........Mt Airy, not sure where places are but plenty-----indian and a new beer place. Chestnut Hill, Cake, Osaka.......Ooka; Ardmore Carlino's great take-out, Marrones-old style italian.........Irish pubs up by R5 on Cricket.........And there is some great restraunt mentioned here at maybe Jenkintown train station?

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            Catch a PATCO train in Center City and take it to Collingswood, NJ where there are many fine dining options within walking distance. Search this board
            for Collingswood.

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              Unfortunately the restaurant at the Jenkintown train station is closed. Hope something else that's good opens up in that location.

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            Completely agree with cwdonald. Also you can't forget Trax which is in the old renovated Ambler train station (outdoor dining in the warm months right along the train tracks is fun but noisy!).

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              Too late for Alison Two. Just closed. :-(

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                I loved that place.

            2. If you like beer and pizza, I'd suggest taking a train to either Sedgwick or Allen(s) lane and heading over to Earth Bread and Brewery.

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                Wholeheartedly agree with Bob. Earth Bread and Brewery is a great place. Menu is a bit limited, but their flatbreads (pizzas), salads and soups. Their desserts are good, and they also carry some baked goods from the Night Kitchen as well. And unlike other brew pubs EBB also has "guest" beers

              2. Zake's Cakes, for breakfast or lunch (I've only had lunch, but heard breakfast is equally wonderful). Desserts wonderful too (they were originally a bakery, I believe). I'm sorry, I can't remember which regional rail goes there, but the stop is right nearby and it would be easy to look up.