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Mar 14, 2010 11:13 PM

Don Bruno Sherry Vinegar--Opinions?

I'm new to sherry vinegar, and I recently bought a bottle of Don Bruno Vinagre de Jerez for $4.99 (12.7 fl. oz.), which was the only brand I could find in my neighborhood. I tasted a bit and thought it was pretty good--the flavor being very sharp and somewhere between red wine vinegar and balsamic.

Has anyone else tried Don Bruno? What other brands would you recommend?

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  1. does the label say how long it was aged? at that price, my guess is that it's a young bottling which would explain the sharpness. i prefer the ones that are classified as "Reserva" - they've been aged for at least 2 or 3 years and the flavor is mellower and more developed. you'll pay a few bucks more per bottle, but it's money well spent. see this thread from last year for more details:

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      It says aged, but doesn't specify how long.

      1. re: michaelnrdx

        if it doesn't say Reserva or Gran Reserva, it was only aged for a maximum of 6 months. that's not long enough to mellow & develop the flavor.

        if you can find the Columela Reserva i mentioned in that other link, it's a solid product that's pretty easy to find if you have a Whole Foods Market or upscale grocery nearby.

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          You wouldn't use the more expensive versions for cooking, right? I'm assuming it's sort of like the really good aged balsamics, where you just use them for a last minute drizzle.

          1. re: michaelnrdx

            right. i use the moderately priced reserva for cooking, and save the gran reserva for finishing touches or extra-special recipes. i don't even buy the really inexpensive, young stuff, because as you've already discovered, it's not very good!