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Do you ever freeze chicken breasts/thighs etc? or do you only eat fresh chicken?

Just curious... Mainly because I can never finish chicken before the expiration date because it's just me and I eat small portions.

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  1. Yes. Chicken freezes very well.

    1. I marinate and freeze small portions of chicken thighs.

      1. freeze it all the time as i'm in the same boat as you in terms of being a single household. as luckyfatima said, divide it into smaller portions before freezing - makes it very convenient to defrost as you need it.

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          Do you have any tips how to freeze different portions in one ziplock bag? I don't want to use one separate ziplock bag for each portion. Would the best way be to wrap it in foil and then place in a bag?

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            wrap each piece separately in waxed paper first, and THEN wrap in foil - if you just use foil it *really* sticks to the chicken and it's a mess to defrost. once you've double-wrapped the separate pieces this way, you can keep them all in one freezer bag and just remove each one as you need it. be sure to use *Freezer* bags and not just regular ziplocks - they're much heavier and do a better job of protecting the meat from freezer burn.

        2. You can just lay the pieces out on a greased or Pammed cookie sheet and freeze them. After they are frozen just dump them together in a suitably sized freezer bag and they won't stick together. I do the same thing with hamburger patties and pork chops when I buy them in bulk.

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            I love this method. I do this immediately after getting the chicken home from the store. No extra packaging and nothing sticking to the meat. Sometimes I'll set a timer for a few hours so I remember to move them into a bag before they get dried out/freezer burned. If you're using tenderloins (or boneless skinless breasts that you've cut into strips) they thaw in about 10 minutes in a bowl of warm water. People get panicky about thawing meat in warm water, but as fast as they thaw, you're well within the safety time limits.

          2. I freeze often and wrap small pieces in sarah wrap, then put all of them in one bag. I don't like foil touching my food (except minimum when I'm just using as a top of a pot or dish).

            another great thing is to pound it thin, roll up a nice stuffing, then freeze - it's ready when you are to just bake. (even from frozen state).

            1. I always keep chicken in the freezer. I buy family packs to save money but there are only two of us so we never get thru the package. I freeze boneless to use for kebabs, fajitas, pasta dishes etc. And I freeze on the bone chicken for BBQ, tagines, stocks and more. I separate the big packs into freezer bags with enough for a meal. When I want to use them I set them on a plate in the fridge the day before and let them thaw slowly.


              1. I freeze all the time. Sometimes I buy whole chickens and cut them in half and freeze one half. Other times if there is a good sale on chicken breast or tenderloins I will buy a family pac and seperate into amounts that will be useful to my husband and I.

                1. Freezing on a cookie sheet will work..However, .My method is to place each piece(s) into a sandwich bag..then into a Large Zip Lock Freezer bag....


                  1. I always freeze chicken, as I buy it in quantity when on sale. I wrap each serving ( sometimes I have to separate boneless breasts as they are HUGE) in Stretch tie plastic wrap, and then into a zip lock freezer bag. Never had a problem.