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Mar 14, 2010 09:12 PM

Best High quality Fine Dining Oklahoma City

We will be visiting Oklahoma City from New York where we are spoiled with choices. Are there any top notch restaurants serving creative cuisine using fresh local ingredients? We'd love recommendations but no steakhouses or BBQ places, please.

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  1. The Coach House is just what you're looking for:


    It has a wonderful staff and great atmosphere as well as delicious food. The other high-end places are typically steak-oriented (Boulevard Steakhouse in Edmond, and Red Prime in Automobile Alley).. Since you are probably spoiled in the sense of fine dining, I'd recommend you also make sure to eat some of our more traditional fare- chicken fried steaks, okra, and catfish- during your visit.

    1. The Coach House appears to be a good recommendation althought I have never been there. Nonna's in Bricktown might fit your criteria. They have their own garden that a lot of their items come from. Cheever's may be a good choice. The Mantel (Not to be confused with Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse in Bricktown that has no connection to the New York City restaurant with his name) is pretty good. There are not a lot of high end restaurants in Oklahoma City that are not steak oriented. People in Oklahoma City are not impressed by the high prices and small portions found in a lot of high end places around the country. We also tend to dress casually in restaurants. A coat and tie is pretty rare except in a few places such as the Coach House. We tend to be very pragmatic when it comes to food. La Baguette Bistro on North May may fit your needs. I have not been there in a long time but it had good french bistro style food when I went there. I hope this helps.

      Bigray in Ok